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Kiev Metro terminated the contract for the construction of a metro in Vinogradar

Kievmetrostroy must return 4 billion hryvnia in advance.

Kiev Metro terminated the contract for the construction of the metro on Vinogradar

Kiev Metro terminated the contract with Kievmetrostroy for the extension of Syreno due to failure to meet construction deadlines.< /p>

The Center for Transport Strategies reports this with reference to information on procurement from Prozorro.

UAH 4 billion was transferred to the contractor, taking into account the advance, and the contractor “Kievmetrostroy” must return this advance.

The contract expired on December 11, 2023, and it was signed in November 2018.

The justification states that the conditions of clause 4.2.6. The contract defines the customer's right to withdraw from the contract and demand compensation for losses if the contractor does not start work on time or performs it so slowly that it becomes impossible to complete it within the period specified in the contract.

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“Taking into account the above and guided by Article 615 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, clause 4.2.6 of the contract and the decision of the Northern Economic Court of Appeal dated November 09, 2023 in case No. 910/13227/22, the Kyiv Metro Municipal Enterprise refuses to undertake work under contract No. 744- DBM-18 dated November 20, 2018, about which the contractor was notified,” says the justification.

What is happening with the construction of the metro line to Vinogradar

  • Construction of new metro stations Mostitskaya and Prospekt Pravdy began in 2019. It was planned that they would open in December 2021, but the mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko, said that, at best, only one of them would be opened by the end of the year. In December 2021, Kievmetrostroy, the construction contractor, went to court to delay the completion of the work until May 2023.
  • At the beginning of 2023, the Kiev City Prosecutor's Office through the court recovered more than 139 million hryvnia from the general contractor in the capital budget. It was established that the construction company did not use the funds for their intended purpose. almost 9 years. This part of the green metro line was designed as a shallow line. Its deepest part begins on Syrtsa at a depth of about 40 meters and gradually approaches the surface in the area of ​​the Mostiska station, which is planned at the intersection of Mezhevoy, Beletskaya and Severo-Syretskaya streets. The next station “Pravdy Avenue” will be located at the intersection of Pravdy Avenue and Mezhevaya.
  • At the second stage, it is planned to commission another metro station. The third and final stage is the construction of the fourth station and the Vinogradar electric depot.


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