• 18/04/2024 17:01

“Kievpasstrans” says that the glass stops were not ordered to await alarms

“Kievpasstrans” called on Kiev residents not to wait out air raid alerts at stops, but to stay in shelter.

The company claims that this was done so that “people would not stand in the wind or get wet in the rain. Or if the stop is damaged, which has happened more than once.”

In the event of damage to the stop, the insurer concludes an agreement.

“If something happens, then only then does Kievpasstrans buy the stop. So that people don't have to wait for it to be made. If nothing happens, the stop is not bought,” stated the CP.

In addition, “Kievpasstrans” urged Kiev residents not to wait out air raid warnings at stops, but to stay in shelter.

  • The other day it became known that “Kievpasstrans” announced a tender for 30 new glass transport stops. The information caused outrage in society due to the dubious feasibility of arranging glass stops during a full-scale war and systematic enemy attacks on the city.
  • The company said that the insurer's contract for updating stops is renewed every six months. Kievpasstrans said that glass is the base material for all new stops in Kiev, because transparent material improves visibility for passengers. At the same time, according to KP, the fragments of these panels do not break into sharp pieces, but supposedly collapse into low-traumatic elements.


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