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Speaker of the House of Representatives is ready to discuss with Biden assistance to Ukraine, – ZMI

House Speaker Mike Johnson considers the possibility of holding direct negotiations with US President Joe Biden with additional power could Ukraine.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine via Bloomberg.

This data means that negotiations on a bipartisan compromise are dragging on in the Senate.

For many years, a bipartisan group of senators has been working on possible changes in US immigration policy, as Republicans sought the brains to praise Biden's request for emergency assistance to Ukraine in the future. world 61 billion dollars.

Chief Senate parliamentarian for the Democratic Party, Chris Murphy, previously stated that the group has not yet reached the target.

What the Republicans want

Johnson insists that Biden praises a whole group of low-conservative immigrants Other changes , including with new restrictions on the President’s authority to exclude migrants from deportation and changes in criteria, which may be subject to restrictions.

Negotiations in the Senate focused on more interrelated actions than the Republicans in the House of Representatives are asking for, and for the sake of the Senate, it may not pass through the House of Representatives.

White House Budget Director Shalanda Young was put before the idea of ​​direct transfer speaking It's cold with Johnson.

Johnson is ready for negotiations from the House

Young said that the leader of the Republicans in the House of Representatives needs to take an active part in the negotiations in the Senate.

“We need to move forward and not start from scratch and have new negotiations,” she said.

Bloomberg writes that Johnson is still convinced that the Senate will find a better solution. Johnson also considers the possibility of holding direct negotiations with the White House.

Democrats and Republicans disagree on their thoughts

The leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer, this year, said that his negotiations with Johnson about how to avoid the sluggish work of the government in the 20th century, it is good to go, but noting that the negotiations near the cordon have gone into a dead end.

“Pid an hour of negotiations about the closure of the grievance, the two sides differ in their thoughts on how to achieve a legal level of federal expenditures in the current financial sector. The agreement about illegal expenditures is necessary for writing and praising the law on finance,” as you can see.

Democrats tried vicor Information about budget changes in the amount of 70 billion dollars to increase internal expenditures.

Johnson, who takes part in the negotiations, will work to further reduce the unspent costs of Covid-19 and speed up the rapid financing of the Internal Revenue Service, as Congress previously praised the law signed by Biden to reduce inflation.

The situation I am here for US assistance for Ukraine

Yesterday, March 4, the White House announced that the United States would no longer waste money in order to provide Ukraine with new packages of military aid. According to the words of National Security Coordinator John Kirby, US President Joe Biden, having signed the remaining package of assistance to the security sector, said that “we have a lot of money to spare.”

Guess what, at the end of 2023, Congress was unable to praise the US President’s request Joe Bayden on Vidіlennya Podn 100 billion dumplings on consuming National Bezpeki, Yaki was navigated by the PAHA 60 billion of the Klastic of Ukraine.

The head of the spotantan became Respubbanzi, the yaki vidimed Pidrimuvati Initivati. The stinks are stirring up so that the White House contributes to its proposals to strengthen the security of the cordons.

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