• 29/05/2024 13:24

Klitschka initiates legislative changes to prevent cultural decline: fines of 850 thousand

Vlada Kiev proposes to increase fines for improperly removing cultural monuments and criminal record for atrocities against cultural decline. The following proposals were transferred to the head of the parliamentary TSK from the power of Kiev.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this by sending a message to the intercessor of the head of the KMDA, Ganna Starostenko.

“It is significant that a number of objects of cultural destruction in Kiev, also in Ukraine, are occurring in the unknown state through unscrupulous rulers. Almost from every third memory, violations of legislation in the sphere of cultural protection are revealed And there are no real mechanisms in this place today. the authorities of such objects through incomplete legislation. In order to change the situation, Kiev has already tried five times to make changes to the legislative legislation, but they didn’t sense us… Perhaps once again on the level of TSK it will still be destroyed. It’s the same food yesterday. Our bills are at the head of the TSK,” said Ganna Starostenko.

The KMDA, for the record, proposes to increase fines for improperly disposing of objects of cultural decline by government officials, setting them at the level of 850 thousand. up to 1.7 million UAH. It is also advocated on the legislator’s level to convey the power of the Primus Viktor in place of reminders to the communal authorities, since the authorities, by their actions, are accommodating their poverty. And for crimes against cultural decline, a criminal offense may be transferred to the KMDA.

Also in the minds of the war, the Convention for the Sake of Europe on crime related to and with cultural values, which Ukraine signed in 2017 , said the intercessor Vitaliy Klitschka.

“The timely commission in the Radya, which was created under the political pressure on the local self-government, could really help and work if it would be better. For example, there is low nutrition because of the cultural decline , as the fates do not lie through the ignorance of the people's movements. It is this, and not the stuff on the sidelines, that is at the core of the work of the people's deputies within the framework of the TSK. Instead of waving their hands, the people's movements from the ruling party could have deprived them of at least one positive riddle about themselves – vacate yours There are direct obligations and to stop the cultural decline of the capital: develop those that lie within them,” Starostenko said.

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