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Latvia has updated the list of restrictions for the import of goods from Russia and Belarus

The Latvian government approved the preparation of a resolution to the Cabinet of Ministers for the transfer of feed and agricultural which products are harvested for import from Russia and Belarus.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this in a post to the Latvian government.

Latvia, as the country that borders Russia, will most clearly establish economic ties with edge- aggressor. Such an initiative is an additional element of the sanctions policy of the European Union, according to the information.

This resolution is in force since 8 February.

The import limit is expanded to:

  • vegetables and root crops, zokrema, potatoes, cibul, carrots and tomatoes;
  • berries and fruits (apples, cabbage, din, pineapples, peas );
  • grains (wheat, wheat, corn, buckwheat, barley, oats);
  • feed milk and ready feed

More details here The list of restricted products for import can be found in Regulation No. 2658/87.

Restriction by Latvia on the import of agricultural products from the Russian Federation and Belarus

The government of Latvia voted 22 years ago to ban the import of agricultural products from Russia and Belarus.

The law introduces a ban on the import of agricultural and feed products from Russia and Belarus Russia to Latvia, since goods of the same producers are imported from third countries.< /p>

The defense comes into force after it is signed by the President until June 1, 2025, and can be extended if necessary.

Apparently, the Spanish Energy Minister, Teresa Ribera, is calling on the European Union to take a more restrictive position on the import of Russian consolidated natural gas (LNG). Madrid will ask Brussels to ensure that the countries are able to block their supplies without overpowering them to their countries.

After the large-scale invasion of the Russian troops to Ukraine, the supply of gas from Russia to Spain has decreased, adding up to approximately This part of gas imports is a thing of the past. Please note that the EU has decided to allow member countries to block flows without imposing sanctions.

The publication states that Finland is one of the poor countries like are quickly blocked – the import of Russian gas to this power is practically ancient zero.

According to Ribery, the necessary inclusions are necessary to ensure that the company exits long-term contracts with Russia on the “take or pay” principle, otherwise the gas will not be redirected to third countries.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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