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Mobilization in Ukraine with 25 rocks and a blow to oil refineries in Tatarstan: news for 2 weeks

Ukrainian drones managed to hit the Shakhediv assembly plant and oil refinery near Tatarstan. And President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a law to reduce the border limit for the transfer of civilians to the military service of conscripts from 27 to 25 years.

RBC-Ukraine collected the most important news for 2 years.

Russian War about from Ukraine: the latest news

  • ISW confirmed the penetration of Russian troops near Avdiivka and on the left birch of the Dnieper in the Kherson region.
  • Ukrainian attacks on oil refineries in Russia became possible due to the presence of a drone and from a greater distance the possession of individual items from them intelligence.
  • Through the successful Ukrainian strikes on military targets, Russia was forced to introduce a number of methods of bait and deception in an attempt to capture flights.

The GUR attacked the “Shahed” assembly plant near Tatarstan, 1000 km from Ukraine

As RBC-Ukraine reported to the intelligence services of the Ukrainian Security and Defense Forces.

Here's the details Jerel, ” Bavovna” in Tatarstan was a major operation of the SBU and GUR. A distant drone attacked the primary oil refining installation at the Nizhnyokamsk oil refinery, causing it to burn.

The capacity of such an installation is 8 million tons of oil. This, in its turn, will become 2.6% of the illegal river processing of the Russian Federation on the river.

Poland plans to detect Russian missiles and drones from existing and mobile vessels

A draft law has been submitted to the Polish Sejm, which is before the barrier is opening security and warning points for anti-aircraft and missile defense systems throughout the country. The project was given the code name “Pavutinnya”.

The idea has a civil significance, especially for those who have already been killed. The stench is scattered throughout the region, with an average height of 35 meters and allows a view of 10-15 km.

There is no reason to give Ukraine 180 thousand ammunition within the framework of the Czech initiative

There is no point in giving Ukraine 180 thousand artillery shells as contributions to the plan purchase of ammunition for Kiev under the Czech Republic in the amount of 576 million euros.

Ukraine's greatest urgent need two years after the full-scale invasion of Russia is artillery ammunition, which will be drawn from the fragments of the sides to use important shells in order to strengthen the position. , as the 1000-kilometer line of the front remains undisturbed.

Lukashenko stated that Belarus is preparing to war

Dictator Alexander Lukashenko stated that military training is being carried out in Belarus, and new equipment is being supplied to improve defense readiness.

“Don't tell anyone what we want We are preparing for war, I mean I say it bluntly. “If you want peace, prepare for war” – I didn’t invent it. It’s said very correctly,” Lukashenko said.

At Gaazi, they announced the launch of the International Register of Promotions, Ukrainians can submit applications. In particular, the main respect is given to these requests, as they suffer from damage or loss of infirmity during the hour of war.

From now on, through the “Action” checkbox, you can submit an application to the International Register of Bias, which will form the basis oh for the removal of riots from Russian aggression.< /p>The Cabinet of Ministers confirmed payments before Independence Day. What kind of allowances will be withdrawn from the 2024th generation?

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has confirmed the size of the one-time penny payment before the Independence Day of Ukraine to veterans and other persons in the 2024th generation.

Mova is talking about the transition of specialties on which the laws “On the status of war veterans, guarantees of their social protection” and “On the victims of Nazi reinvestigations” are expanded.

Putin recognizing the new commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation

Dictator Volodymyr Putin recognized Sergiy Pinchuk as the new commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. He replaced Viktor Sokolov in this position.

It is clear that Shoigu held a conference call with the armored warehouse of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and brought Putin’s decree to its conclusion.

Zelensky signed the law on prizes in Yiskov service for 25 rokiv

President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a law on reducing the border limit for the transfer of civilians to the military service of conscripts from 27 to 25 rokiv.

Apparently, Law No. 9281 was voted on by the Verkhovna Rada on the 30th of May 2023, and on the 5th of the same year the document was handed over to the head of state for signature. However, they were lying without the president’s signature.

The demobilization of military personnel has begun in Ukraine

The State Prikordon Service has learned about the first demobilized military personnel.

As they guessed from the DPSU, the service lines in their The military campaign will end at the end of the war , however, through the demobilization fence, the stench was lost from the army.

Zelensky Proviv in front of the security forces to strengthen control over online casinos in Ukraine

Behind the words of the head of the state, representatives of the SBU, the Ministry of Digital Development, the State Special Communications Authority and the Secretary of the RNBO were present. The President heard their evidence.

“We are preparing new measures that will add the necessary control over the galuzza and help protect the interests of the marriage by the proper rank,” Zelensky said.

Mobilization with 25 years and e-office. The Ministry of Defense explained that the new laws should be changed

The law on the e-cabinet of the military, which was signed by the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in the 2nd quarter, will allow the bureaucratic diet to be simplified, the Intercessor of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced Katerina Chernogorenko.

Rumunia wants to legalize Military intervention: what does it mean

The Ministry of Defense of Romania urges its citizens to negotiate a law on the national defense of the country. The new law introduces the concept of hybrid threats to the security of Romania.

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