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Moscow is trying to discredit Ukraine in Egypt, – intelligence

Russia intensified a campaign to discredit Ukraine at the Close Assembly. Zokrema, we are talking about Egypt.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from messages sent to the Headquarters of the Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense on Telegram.

What does the intelligence service in charge of the Kremlin’s hybrid operation mean:

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  • to vindicate the Western war;
  • to discredit Ukraine and the Western powers;
  • to force unpleasant negotiations;
  • to expand the power situation in the region;< /li>
  • to achieve a change in the economic and political pressure, which Moscow recognizes through aggression and the commission of military atrocities.
  • The GUR reports that Russia uses intelligence services, propaganda and diplomatic representations.

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    According to the GUR data, the representatives of the Russian embassy in Egypt rejected orders from the Kremlin to conduct low-level efforts under diplomatic cover to expand disinformation about the war and recruitment.

    The Russians are also sending their forces to the embassies of other powers in Egypt and propaganda materials that have the truth war against Ukraine. There are two papers under the titles: “On the role of the West in the conflict in Ukraine” and “On the situation around Ukraine.” They present Putin's version of the history of Ukraine, where the Russian Federation is presented as a victim.

    The key idea that the Kremlin is pushing through at the Closed Convergence is that there is no alternative to the scenario for the end of the war imposed on them.

    “This includes the reduction of Ukrainian military assistance from the side of the Exit, the introduction of combat operations by the Security and Defense Forces our power, preserving Moscow's control over the occupation of Ukrainian territories and other opposition to the goal of “eternal block status”, “denazification” and “demilitarization”,” according to the GUR.

    Propaganda operation “Perun”

    Guess what, the fierce fate of 2024 has a Head Office intelligence reported that Russia had launched Operation Perun to discredit Ukraine. As part of this operation, Russia plans to recruit foreign journalists, media personalities and bloggers to justify aggression against Ukraine.

    Later, Ukrainian intelligence revealed the active phase of the special operation ї the enemy, which fell on the “election” of the President of the Russian Federation. The information campaign plans to complete the operation by 30 pm.

    Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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