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NATO ex-commander called on Turechchyna to let British minesweepers pass for Ukraine

Turkey's decision to transfer two British military ships to Ukraine ї demands to the Atlantic Alliance ( NATO). Ankara may take a more aggressive position in favor of the Russian Federation.

The Supreme Commander of NATO Armed Forces in Europe, James Stavridis, announced this, RBC-Ukraine reports silannyam on Politico.

The US admiral at the meeting called the Turkish decision to allow two Sandown-class ships of the Royal Navy of Great Britain to pass through its channels as “indiscreet”. The vessels were handed over to Kiev to assist in the dismantling of shipping routes in the Black Sea.

In Stavridis’s opinion, Turechchyna “unsurprisingly could have allowed the passage of defense ships, such as minesweepers, in the Black Sea,” so that “there is enough freedom a action” is consistent with the Montreux Convention, and the minesweepers are purely defensive in nature.

“This is a clear position of NATO, in which Turkey is suitable within the framework of its role in NATO,” said the admiral.

Analyzing the reports of Turkey from Russia and the Sun, Stavridis noted that Ankara “is pushing hard it is possible to achieve balance and must fully commit to its role as a member of NATO.”

“Russia is an insecure aggressor power and a serial violator of human rights, which every day threatens the Alliance in the world, at sea, on land, in cyberspace and in space. folding vibration,” said Vin.

Former commander of the Turkish Navy, Admiral Cem Gurdeniz, has already responded to the criticism of his American colleague. He noted that Ankara wants to avoid the “shedding of Turkish blood” as part of the “war in the Black Sea in the name of the United States and NATO.”

Minesweepers of Great Britain for Ukraine

On the cob of the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain and confirmed the transfer to Ukraine in two minutes – search minesweepers for decommissioning of the Sandown type (MCMV) from the warehouse of the Royal Navy.

However, at the beginning of the present day, Turechchyna decided to allow ships to pass through its Bosporus and Dardanelles channels, until the end of the war between Ukraine and Russia. Ankara went to Article 19 of the Montreux Convention on the channel regime, which prevents the passage of military ships from the sides of the conflict.

The Ukrainian Navy did not receive permission from the decided Ankara “for the sake of” and stated that they did not submit a request for passage to Ankara nya British minesweepers based on the norms of the Montreux Convention.

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