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Netanyahu announced the intensification of military operations in the Gaza Strip

Israel is intensifying its military operations in the Gaza Strip. The war will continue until the terrorist organization Hamas is completely eliminated.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has voted for this, RBC-Ukraine reports that it has made plans for its destruction.

“Communities of Israel, “We are ruined by military actions in the Gaza Strip. We will continue the war until we defeat Hamas again. This is the only way to turn back our stolen assets, protect Hamas and ensure that Gaza will no longer be a threat to Israel,” he said Israeli Prime Minister.

Netanyahu stated that the war will take an hour, but the people of the country are still determined to fight to the end.

“War has a price, and an even more important price is the life of our military heroes. We love everything, “To save our lives. But one thing is certain: we will not stop until we achieve victory,” he said.

War on Israel and Hamas

I guess, on the 7th of June, the militants of the Hamas organization invaded the territory Israel Several settlements were buried, driving in their peaceful burghers. Israel then announced the beginning of Operation Deadly Swords, and later the invasion of the Gaza Strip, where Hamas militants operated.

Like the fall of leaves, Israel signed from Hamas about the suppression of fire and the release of the guarantors. The truce lasted until the 1st month, until the IDF announced that it had seen its way through the shelling of Israeli territory by Hamas militants.

The fighting in the Gaza Strip is accompanied by bombings and shelling of places, resulting in the death of civilians i. People from all over the country called on Israel to fight the Hamas militants more carefully, given the numerous deaths of civilians. At the same time, Netanyahu declared that the international pressure should not be stopped by Israel by continuing the war against Hamas.

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