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Not only the Netherlands is ready for Patriot for Ukraine, – Kuleba

Kuleba did not say which countries we are talking about.

Not only the Netherlands is ready to buy Patriot for Ukraine, - Kuleba

Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba

Allies are ready

This was announced by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

“The Netherlands is not the only state that is ready right now to buy a Patriot battery from any country in the world at a price that this country will name,” Kuleba said.

As he noted, that the Netherlands publicly made such a signal is extremely important.

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Kuleba stressed that such intensity of partners in providing air defense to Ukraine has never been seen since the beginning of a full-scale invasion.

“There is a lot of diplomatic activity going on now,” Kuleba concluded.

  • Ukraine is actively negotiating to receive three air defense batteries: two Patriot and one SAMP/T. As Kuleba recently said, decisions on assistance to Ukrainians from the air defense will be made, but the question is that this happens as soon as possible. All Patriot batteries depend on the decision of the United States, since this is an American system.

  • Before this, the minister said that there are at least 100 Patriot batteries that could be transferred to Ukraine, and according to at least four countries. could do it immediately. Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is focused on obtaining seven systems. For this purpose, the department is even ready to negotiate the transfer of air defense for temporary use with a promise to return it at the request of the party that agrees to such a lease.

  • Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said that “many countries are sitting on a large pile of Patriot systems, perhaps not wanting to provide them directly.” According to him, these air defense systems can be purchased from such countries, there is money for this, and delivered to Ukraine.

  • Air defense for Ukraine will be discussed at a meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Council, which is scheduled for April 19.

  • Ukraine may receive six more Patriot air defense systems from NATO partners.


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