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The EU assumes that China may increase supplies to Russia of goods for animal production

China will supply Russia with goods of secondary importance, which are necessary for the production of . And such supplies may increase in the future.

Vice President of the European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis stated this, reports RBC-Ukraine via correspondence with Reuters.

In his words, there will be an increase in supplies in'yazane Therefore, the likelihood of the end of the war against Russia against Ukraine will weaken.

Dombrovsky informed that the EU is working on the implementation of evasion sanctions against Russia, providing details.

China is looking for benefits

In his words, we are concerned about the actions of China rather than Ukraine, especially due to the recent signs that it is supplying important components to Russia.

“We believe that China is sitting on the sidelines and is guessing that this situation for my own purposes , but, unfortunately, there are still many signs that China is actually supplying Russia with all the necessary components,” said the representative of the European Commission.

He added that this possession was the subject gratitude, and I won’t ask for help. It is also important to appreciate the importance of the approach to support Ukraine.

The United States will transfer its concerns to China

Dombrovsky said that the Ukrainian regions need to show decisiveness, impose additional sanctions against the Russian Federation and give support to Ukraine, otherwise this will result in even more negative consequences. that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will destroy similar battles before the hour of his death visit to China.

China assists Russia

China has not directly condemned Russia or imposed sanctions against it since the first days of the war in Ukraine. However, Beijing has increased its efficiency and hastened the situation since exit markets for goods were closed for Moscow. However, there are no direct supplies of electronics to China.

An Associated Press report indicated that in 2023, nearly 90% of Russian microelectronics came from China.

Uchora, the deputy speaker of the State Department, Vedant Patel, said that Splucheli Diapers of America Goti Prepai Kholikhi Choo China through yogo piditrim of the defense of the extremistry of Rosіїi.

Terminovi that Vyne Rosya Ophasan, read on the channel RBC-Ukraine in Telegram.

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