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Orban wrote a letter to Putin, saying why Ugorshchina

Ugric Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote a vital letter to dictator Volodymyr Putin in honor of his ” re-election” to the post of President of the Russian Federation.

This was stated by the Prime Minister's press secretary Bertalan Havassi, informing RBC-Ukraine from a post on Index.hu.

It is noted that after the announcement of the official “results” elections” in the Russian Federation, Orban decided to send a letter to whom he welcomed Putin with the “re-election” to the seat of the President of the Russian Federation.

The list of vins noted the joy that the union between Ugorshchina and Russia is going well on a mutual basis, which “allows me to discuss important matters in the current, even complex geopolitical situation.”

“The importance of standing on the battlefield of the world and the country has been reconfigured, so that promoting dialogue is the fundamental thinking for the most seen in the world,” is included in Orbán's list.

Khavasi added that Orban, having ordered Putin, to increase cooperation between countries in areas not covered by international law.

Pseudo-elections in Russia

Guess what, from 15 to 17 there will be a birth in Russia there was a “vibori” of the president. The Kremlin's protestors even before the start of the “vote” declared that they would win over dictator Volodymyr Putin with a result of 90%.

In addition, the illegal “vote” was carried out in the occupied territories of Ukraine. As reported by the GUR, Ukrainians, under pressure and confusion, were encouraged to “vote” for the dictator.

As it turned out, the Russian Central Election Commission announced that it was polling the results of the “elections”, and announced that there were “record” votes for Put іна .

Russian ZMI wrote that the so-called “election” of the Russian dictator Volodymyr Putin was the most dishonest election in the history of the Russian Federation.

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