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Participants in a large-scale mobilization evasion scheme organized by an ex-military worker are on trial

The cost of “services” for “clients” ranged from 6 to 10 thousand dollars.

Prosecution of participants in large-scale mobilization fraud schemes organized by ex-military workers

DBR completed the pre-trial investigation of an unprecedentedly large-scale scheme to evade mobilization exposed at the end of 2023. The scheme involved officials from 9 military registration and enlistment offices in Kyiv and the region, as well as accomplices from other regions of Ukraine.

“After the defense parties familiarize themselves with the investigation materials, the case will be transferred to court,” the DBI statement says.

The deal was organized by the former head of the Kyiv Regional Military Commissariat, who retired, but retained the necessary connections. Under his control, other participants in the criminal organization entered deliberately false data into the VLK certificates and military registration documents about the deregistration of men due to unsuitability for military service due to health reasons.

Also, members of the group provided “clients” with advice and instructions on places and methods of crossing the state border of Ukraine.

“The organizer clearly thought out the structure of the criminal group. One part was responsible for selecting clients, the other for illegal paperwork. Representatives of both.” The branches “did not intersect with each other for the sake of secrecy,” the Bureau reported.

The cost of the “service” ranged from 6 to 10 thousand US dollars per person. The price depended on the starting package of documents.

“The clients were both former students and bankers with adult sons. The DBI was informed of suspicion of 11 episodes of issuing forged documents,” the DBI added.

They also found out that the organizer involved his son and ex-wife in the transactions, who had recently received suspicions of creating and participating in a criminal organization, illegally transporting persons across the state border, evading conscription for military service during mobilization, abuse influence.

“Other participants in the scheme – the head of the third department of the Buchansky RTCC and joint venture, the chairman of the VLK of the Makarovsky district, a former employee of the Kyiv regional military registration and enlistment office were previously informed of suspicions under the same articles,” the Bureau said.

In addition, the DBI will continue to investigate as part of another criminal proceeding against other military registration and enlistment office officials who may have participated in the scheme.

  • Border guards exposed a scheme for transporting violators across the border using the system “Path”. The men went abroad under the guise of drivers of international passenger and freight transport. For this, the evaders paid the organizers up to $1,000.
  • They also uncovered a scheme in which the participants organized the illegal departure of men abroad through a “public organization.”
  • With the help of “philanthropists”, more than 100 people left Ukraine. Almost 50 of them did not return.
  • Men who wanted to get to Moldova because of an Internet scheme were detained in the Odessa region. Each man paid 80 thousand hryvnia for the “route” from the network.


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