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“They don't have much strength.” Budanov hopes how the situation on the front may change after Avdiivka

Russia's capture of the similar Ukrainian town of Avdiivka – this is a reminder a sign of a change in the dynamics of a full-scale war, which is already happening third river.

The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Kirilo Budanov, informs RBC-Ukraine in a post to The Wall Street Journal.

He learned that Ukrainian forces value numbers and the newlyweds are in an important position.

“Russia also has problems,” said Budanov.

In his words, the professional army of Russia was significantly weakened in the first river of the invasion of Ukraine, so it immediately throws uninvited conscripts into self-defeating attacks.

Budanov noted that Russia is more artillery than the victorious army There are no shells that can be prepared, and Although there were hundreds of tanks in production, most of them were old models, taken out for saving and repaired, and there were only 178 new ones.

Vin is supported by the remaining missiles No strikes on Ukrainian places have been carried out, leaving fragments of Russian supplies ended.

As a result, according to Budanov, it will be important for Russia to achieve its main strategic goal – to conquer all similar areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions for its fate.

“They have no strength,” Budanov said.

< p>Former officials and analysts view Budanov’s idea as the optimal scenario for Ukraine’s future. If Ukraine is able to conduct a competent defense, weakening Russian forces and simultaneously renewing its power, then in 2025 it will be possible to launch a new counter-attack on a weakened enemy.

Buried by the Russians of Avdiivka

On the 17th, the commander-in-chief of the ZSU, Oleksandr Sirsky, announced the decision to withdraw the Ukrainian troops from Avdiivka, who were under the threat of being turned away by the enemy. The reason was the assault operations significantly overwhelmed the enemy forces at the great forgotten place due to the active support of aviation.

According to the Institute of Warfare, the defense forces can create new defensive lines nearby Avdiivka and stay away from pushing through the gate.

< p>For the last 18 years, the Russians tried to storm the village of Lastivchyne as they approached Avdiivka, and the defense forces repelled 14 hostile attacks.

Military expert Oleksiy Hetman appreciates that the collapse of the Avdiivka front is small overly. Map of the Deep State to testify about the successful success of the enemy at the Lastochkin river at the entrance to Avdiivka.

More details about this, possible threats and about those who can help the Defense Forces to resist the enemy’s onslaught, – from the material of RBC-Ukraine.

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