• 24/04/2024 22:37

Polish strikers blocked the passenger train “Kyiv – Chelm”

After the intervention of the Polish police and railway workers, the train was unblocked.

Polish strikers blocked the passenger train


Polish passenger protesters” coming from Ukraine, after intervention Polish police and railway workers, communication with Poland has been resumed, Ukrzaliznytsia reports.

“On February 18, Polish protesters blocked the movement of passenger train No. 119 Kyiv – Chelm. There were 260 passengers on the train, the vast majority being women and children. Many passengers had further transfers and flights.

After the intervention of the Polish police and railway workers, the train was unblocked and continued moving. “Thank you to our Polish colleagues for their cooperation and quick resolution of the issue,” the message says.

Currently, railway communications with Poland are operating as normal. Passenger and freight trains are running without complications.

“Ukrzaliznytsia is closely monitoring the situation on the border with Poland and interacts with border guards, the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland, the Ministry of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” adds Ukrzaliznytsia.

  • It was previously reported that yesterday from 15:30 to 17:30. At the Dorogusk railway station, protesters tried to block the railway circles. On February 9, the farmers' strike called by the Solidarity trade union was resumed in Poland. Within a month, they plan to block all checkpoints, as well as roads and highways in individual voivodeships. – we are talking about a number of environmental and climatic requirements. Also among the demands is support for livestock farming.
  • The day before, the situation on the Ukrainian-Polish border was discussed by the Polish and Ukrainian prime ministers. According to Denis Shmygal, they were talking about an increase in the volume of imports, including grain, from the Russian Federation and third countries to the EU.
  • From February 20, Polish farmers will block all border crossings between Poland and Ukraine, this is stated in the statement of the trade union “Solidarity”. Yes, “not only border crossings will be blocked, but also communication centers and access roads to railway stations and seaports.”


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