• 26/05/2024 10:38

Repairs between the Kyiv metro stations “Tarasa Shevchenko” and “Pochayna” will be carried out without stopping train traffic – KSCA

The final design decisions will be determined after the state examination.

This was reported by the Kiev City State Administration.

The final design decisions will be determined after the state examination.


“The Pochayna and Taras Shevchenko metro stations were put into operation in 1980 and are in need of a planned overhaul of part of the tunnel section. Currently, these stations and transfer tunnels operate as usual both for passenger transportation and for round-the-clock shelter of the population during an air raid,” noted the Kyiv City State Administration.

KP “Kiev Metro” will inform passengers in advance about the start of repairs and other work that may affect the operation of the metro.

  • On December 8 last year, train traffic between the Kyiv metro stations “Demeevskaya” and “Teremki” ” was suspended for “about six months” due to renovations. A shuttle service was organized there: passengers must change trains at Lybidskaya.
  • In January, the Kyiv City State Administration cited poor-quality design and construction of the section as the reason for the deformation of the tunnel.
  • March 15, 2024, the head of the Kievsky utility company “Metropolitan” Viktor Braginsky wrote a letter of resignation. This happened the day after Bihus.info journalists published an investigation into the condition of Braginsky and his family, which he did not declare. Earlier, Braginsky said in an interview with LB.ua that the first problems began in 2011. -m. That is, a few months after the opening. Read more about this in the interview with him.


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