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UPL: “Metalist 1925” has risen from “Obolonya” at the expense of its competitors

Kharkiv “Metalist 1925” painted nothing from the Kiev “Obolonya” in the 25th Ukrainian tours Premier League.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this with information about the result of the match.

Ukraine, Premier League, 25th round

Metalist 1925 – Obolon – 1:1

Goli: Sidorov, 65 – Chernenko, 9

The rulers from the first Khvylins tried to take control of the ball. This time, all the lives of Viktor Skrypnyk’s followers crossed the Swedish goal of the “brewers”. Tse Chernenko, with a magnificent shot on the right, wins Mozil, shocking “Metalist 1925”.

“Obolon”, while the Kharkivians had not yet reached you, tried to expand their success. Another strike from Chernenok was hardly marked by a scored penalty – a penalty kick. Natomist Lukyanchuk, after his canopy from Kutovoy, was not able to overtake the keeper at long range.

Skrypnyk’s team arrived just after the opening days. Having “awakened” the rulers, Krasnopir, who, having included in the defencists on the line, is fighting. In the match, “Metalist 1925” made a few goals before the end of the half: Yusov shot from the center of the free kick at the goalkeeper, Boryachuk missed the frame after turning around, and hit Imerekov with his head after Fedorovsky's corner take.

At the start of the other half there were more chances. Kharkovian Sidorov was unable to break through the goalkeeper with a shot from between the penalty area, and Chernenko’s shot from behind the crossbar hit Mozil. Then Sidorov once again lost the duel to Fedorovsky. The strength of the Imereks, having broken through, is the vortex of the “brewers.”

The pressure of “Metalist 1925” bore fruit in the 65th century. The goal came from the right flank. Zhichikov scored a cross, and Sidorov beat the goalkeeper, heading the ball into the far corner – 1:1.

In the final 25+ goals, both Kharkivians and Kiyanians will be able to win. At the warehouse of “Metalist 1925” Ari Moura and Yurchenko were not quick with their resourcefulness. The first one passed over the goal, and Fedorovsky parried the other with his feet from the approaching shot. The attacker of “Obolon” Krasnopir kissed the counter, stopping Sukhanov's canopy.

Zreshta, the match ended in a draw. This result will satisfy the competing teams in the fight for survival. “Metalist 1925” lost in the last match, gaining 19 points. For an hour, “Obolon” ​​was in 13th position (21 points).

Before the word, before “Dynamo” beat “Polissia” near the capital.

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