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Repeated VLK for delineated appendages: if you feel like you need to re-examine

The military claims, which were identified, are surrounded by appendages before military service, in a new way pass VLK. It will be possible to start working as early as this spring.

Asserting the Minister of Defense Ivan Gavrilyuk, RBC-Ukraine informs about this that it has sent to the Congress of local and regional authorities.

Repeated VLK for bordering appendages

Nesh a long time ago The Verkhovna Rada praised the law, which, among other things, gave it the status of “demarcated appendage”. Now, with the VLK pouches, people can be recognized as either “attached” or “not attached” before military service.

The law states that those who previously received the status of “extended attached” are required to go through the B again within 9 months LK. However, soon the Cabinet of Ministers may approve a new list of diagnoses for the regulation of nutrition.

If it is possible to go through the VLK again

As stated by the Deputy Minister of Defense Gavrilyuk, the following changes are subject to the 402nd order of the Ministry of Defense , which there are no diagnoses to establish affiliation It's unattainable before service.

“From the middle of the grass there will be a re-examination of the confirmation of affiliation before service, those people who have been identified are surrounded by adverbial ones,” – indicating the wine.

Change it before unattributedness

Remembering , for days it became clear that in Ukraine the replacement of the “exchange adverbial” could give rise to a new status. The changes adopted before the order of the Ministry of Defense are transferred to five statuses.

However, whether the new status is spelled out in the new order of the VLK is not yet known.

In addition, the parliament praised the bill about changes in mobility. For more information about the changes it transmits, read the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

For terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine, read on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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