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Russia is restoring air defense positions in Crimea, – Pletenchuk

The air defense function is currently performed by the launch vehicle.

Russia is restoring air defense positions in Crimea, — Pletenchuk

Dmitry Pletenchuk

The Russians have begun to work on restoring their air defense positions during the occupation, they say.

< p>The speaker of the Defense Forces of southern Ukraine, Dmitry Pletenchuk, spoke about this on the air of the telethon, writes RBC-Ukraine.

“The question here is not to strengthen it (air defense—ed.), but to restore it. Because the previous attack slightly changed the configuration of the Crimean air defense, due to the fact that these air defense systems were simply destroyed,” notes Pletenchuk. Now, according to the speaker, the air defense function is performed by a cruise missile carrier, but it has not coped with its job.

Dmitry Pletenchuk also adds that over time the enemy will begin to work on strengthening air defense positions.

  • On April 17, the Defense Forces attacked the Russian military airport in Dzhankoy. Local Telegram channels reported about the fire and published corresponding videos. The ATESH partisan movement reported that it was initially aware of the damage to the S-400 complex and the defeat in the area of ​​the command post of the fifth anti-aircraft missile division of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation.
  • Subsequently, the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine published a list of destroyed targets enemy. There were 4 S-400 air defense missile launchers, 3 radar stations, an air defense control center and Fundament-M air surveillance equipment.


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