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The ZSU has announced that it is being carried out in the area of ​​the villages of Ocheretin and Solovyov

Heavy fighting is taking place near the village of Ocheretina, Pokrovsky district. Regardless of the fact that the ZSU does not control a third of its territory, it remains under constant fire control.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in response to the commentary of the river operator of the OK “Khortytsia” Nazar Voloshin on the telethon.

As I explained, in order for the Russian Federation to be unlikely to be able to break through the Ukrainian defense on the Novobakhmutivka – Ocheretyne direct line, the occupiers introduced additional reserves there – the 55th motorized rifle brigade of the Russian Federation, which is located there.

“Narazi” Two-thirds of this settlement (Ocheretina – ed.) is under our control. Part of the point, having broken through the enemy, remains under our fierce control. under the control of ZSU” , – said Voloshin.

In the village of Solovyov, as the speaker noted, the situation is the same – approximately two-thirds of the villages are under the control of Ukrainian forces.

Direct “Novobakhmutivka – Ocheretino” (deepstatemap.live)

“Hot” direct to the front

Zagalom, like a speaker, makes the most ardent direct calls to Novopavlovsky, Bakhmutsky and Avdievsky.

“The situation is controlled by the defense forces. The Russian army does not hesitate to storm the positions of the Ukrainian troops along the entire front line. It is advisable to enter the administrative cordons of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions,” he stated.

action in the area of ​​Ocheretino

Situation in the area Ocheretina began to worry about the remaining days. In response to the commentary of speaker Nazar Voloshin, the Institute of Military History for the 27th quarter was informed that the ZSU controls two thirds of Ocheretin and prevents the further penetration of Russian troops from this area.

25th and 26th quarter of the Russian “military forces” They confirmed that the Ukrainian armies had completely moved from Ocheretinoye to Arkhangelskoye (on the outskirts of Ocheretinoye and on the outskirts of Avdiivka). Although there were differences among them, some of them reported that the ZSU still retained their positions in Ocheretin’s daily departure.

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