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Russia is waging a hybrid war against Moldova, – Prime Minister Rechan

Russia cannot attack Moldova with the military route through Ukraine, so Moscow knows Hybrid war against Chisinau.

Prime Minister of Moldova Dorin Recean stated this, informing RBC-Ukraine of the broadcast on PRO TV Chisinau.

“Important speech, which I want to say, this those that today Russia cannot attack us from the military, and it is connected with Ukraine,” the official said.

However, he added that Moldova has internal problems related to the hybrid war, as Russia knows there.

Under the hybrid war that Russia is waging, Moldova is at the mercy of disinformation, cyber attacks, and the financing of malicious groups that are getting involved in politics and trying to create destabilization.

what is the aggression against Moldova

The Prime Minister added that Ukraine has a great advantage on the Black Sea and this sharply reduced Russia's ability to launch attacks from the Black Sea, which protects Moldova even more.

“Moreover, we believe that the industrialism of Europe and Ukraine is increasing its intensity,” said Rechan.

NATO should talk about threats to Moldova

Recently, the defender of NATO Secretary General Mirch Joanna warned that the Russian Federation could push to the extreme of aggressive actions in order to stop Moldova’s devious directive.

The Prime Minister explained that there are hybrid attacks, the elimination of lies, the disintegration of not navisti, podruyuvannya until in the districts where ethnic Gagauzians live, who speak Russian language.

“We have demonstrated that we have the ability to ensure public order and to infiltrate where they are trying to destabilize the situation,” Rechan said.

Moldova was placed before the Russian Federation during the war in Ukraine

It seems likely that in 2023 we were informed that Moldova would join the international register of traffickers through the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine.

So I'll go to Ukraine in about an hour Last fall, the President of Moldova Maia Sandu said that Moldova was able to save from the occupation only the actions of the Ukrainian military.

Recently, the President of Moldova Maia Sandu said that the country is ready to give Ukraine a new party humanitarian ї help.

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