• 13/04/2024 00:13

Explosive experts discovered a minefield in the Kharkov region

Mine clearance work continues now.

Explosive technicians discovered a minefield in the Kharkov region

Minefield in Kharkov region

After the explosion of three men in a minivan in the Kharkov region, law enforcement officers discovered a minefield.

This was reported by the press service of the Main Directorate of the National Police in the Kharkov region.

Law enforcement officers recalled that on February 16 Three men exploded in a field between the villages of Dovgenkoe and Suligovka, Izyum district. Two of them died, the third was hospitalized.

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Explosive experts found out that the men were injured as a result of the explosion of an anti-personnel fragmentation exploding mine of circular destruction OZM-72.

Nearby, the police discovered two more mines OZM-72 on wire trip wires. They were neutralized on the spot.

Not far from the place where people were blown up, explosives technicians discovered a double-row anti-tank a minefield of TM-62M mines and MVP-62 fuses.

Mine clearance work is currently underway.

  • The Cabinet of Ministers decided to launch a pilot project for certification of mine action operators.
  • Ukraine will launch a market for humanitarian demining services through Prozorro

  • The first mine clearance auction was held in Ukraine. At the auction, the right to clear a three-hectare area was raffled off.

  • SE “Forests of Ukraine” are initiating a project that should speed up the process of demining Ukrainian forests and protect mined forest areas from large-scale fires.


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