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Russian spies sank to Romania under the gaze of Ukrainian refugees

Merezha Russian spies sought to collect information about the military in Romania And I will start and help Ukraine. The participants of the measure were exhausted to the brim in front of the Ukrainian refugees.

The world is going through this for the national defense of Romania, reports RBC-Ukraine from Digi24.

As it was said in the article, the RF spies were rooted in the lava of Ukrainian refugees, the fragments of the rule of Romania were important to separate those who are in the process of war and those who do not pursue other goals i.

Video about the attempts of Shpigun’s measure to “remove extremely important data” “about the help that Rumunia gave to Ukraine. She also wanted to remove information about the military developments in Romania and the military deployment on its territory.

There are campaigns with disinformation, information about the Romanian army and the leaders of the region.

U For the sake of the national defense of Romania, they noted a lot of spills that Romania experienced as a result of the activities of Russian spies. Among them are a large number of military incidents, cyber attacks from Russia and sabotage of aid supplies to Ukraine.

Russian provocations in Romania

It seems likely that Russian occupation forces have been launched more than once whether their drones “Shahed” in Ukraine. During the hour of such attacks, stinks filled the entire expanse of Romania.

Also, Romania has seen the tricks of Russian strike drones several times.

Reacting to the provocation, the authorities of Romania meant that Russia did not give up daily attacks to the country and has no plans to work in the near future.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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