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The problem of online casinos in Ukraine can be seen at the meeting of the RNBO, – Zelensky

We would like to bring to the meeting the expansion of online casinos in Ukraine for the sake of national security and defense. This is a threat to the security of the state.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from the message of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at the evening funeral.

“I will prepare for the people: the Secretary of the RNBO, the SBU, the Ministry of Digital Development, the Office. We are preparing for the RNBO's consideration the threat to the security of our state, the prosperity through the expansion of online casinos and the lack of control in this sphere. All the possibilities in this sphere and manipulating people and harming the interests of the marriage “and will be blocked,” Zelensky said.

I also guessed that the author of a similar petition for the exchange of online casinos was the former Ukrainian soldier of the 59th motorized infantry brigade Pavlo Petrichenko, who died in battle on the 15th quarter. The head of the state spoke to Paul's relatives and friends.

“The life of our entire Ukraine is made up of lives and misfortunes, the will and prosperity of our own lads. “This is important,” added the head of state.< /p>

Zelensky called for remembrance that Ukraine is made up of people unlike any other in the country. And we need to do everything so that our country can stand against the occupiers.

The problem of online casinos

It seems that the topic of online casinos has become a resonant topic in Ukraine. Zokrema, a scandal has arisen due to the fact that they are interconnecting their work.

Berezna on the website of the OP Pavlo Petrichenko has registered a petition in which he appealed to Zelensky and plans to interconnect the activities of online casinos for additional types similar to the bill.

< p>Kremya, however, so that the document has a new approach that blocks access to online casinos for military servicemen, as well as advertising with the symbols of the ZSU.

After this, the head of state entrusted the special services with the responsibility for national security and defense prepare analysis of this problem.

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