• 13/06/2024 02:44

Russians shelled Donbass settlements 14 times in one day, wounded

307 people, including 38 children, were evacuated from the front line.

The Russians shelled settlements in the Donetsk region 14 times in one day, there were wounded

Pokrovsky district . In Krasnogorovka, 2 people were wounded. Administrative buildings were damaged in Kurakhovo and Ostrom, and 2 private houses were shelled in the vicinity of Selidovoye.

In the Kramatorsky district, 6 private houses were destroyed and damaged. 2 administrative buildings. The surroundings of the Konstantinovskaya and Nikolaevskaya communities were shelled. In the Ilyinovskaya community, 15 houses were damaged in Staraya Nikolaevka and 1 in Zara.

In the Chasovoyarskaya community, 2 high-rise buildings and 5 private houses were damaged. 2 houses were damaged, another 1 in Serebryanka, Severskaya community.

We also note that at night the air defense shot down 17 out of 20 Russian suicide bombers. All downed drones were within the Odessa region.


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