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Russia's summer offensive. If Moscow can strike again

Ukrainian officials say that the end of the grass is the threat of a new one hvili the advance of Russia. For now, the occupation forces will continue to squeeze into the Donetsk region.

What is Moscow preparing during the summer campaign at the front – in the material of RBC-Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military and representatives of the political authorities have been warning for several months now that the Russians are preparing a new offensive at the end of spring or summer. Looking at the current logic of the enemy’s actions at the front, it is incredible that a new blow was about to hit Donbass. In various publications – both Russian and foreign ones – it is possible to make forecasts that all other regions may become potential targets for occupiers.

If there is a new offensive by Russia

Now the enemy is continuing his offensive actions, as if they had begun the last spring of doom. And despite the exhaustion of your forces, you still try not to slow down the pace. The occupiers want to get through until the Ukrainian bastards take away the additional provisions of the US citizens and are able to gain a foothold on new frontiers.

There are a number of possible development options. The first is that after some of the American assistance is found, there will be a delay and a pause. And if new Russian units emerge and unite, a new stage of offensive operations will begin. It is expected that the formation of new units of the occupying army will be completed approximately before the sickle. Moreover, according to this version, a new offensive of Russia may occur not in the wild or in the dark, but even later – in the spring or spring.

Another scenario is that the enemy will not take daily pauses and strengthen the pressure, on Additional new molded parts will arrive at the forefront. At this time, the peak of offensive actions on the other side of the enemy may fall on the other half of summer or the beginning of autumn.

Russia is simultaneously attacking on three directions near the Donetsk region (map: DeepState)

And the third option is that the enemy can strike on one of the inactive directions, starting from the end of the grass or continuing the summer. And at the same time, continued offensive actions on quiet directions, where we have achieved success for now.

Where Russia can attack

Russia is conducting active offensive operations on three operational directions: Kostyantinivsky – in the area of ​​Chasovoy Yar, on Pokrovsky – in a section of a dozen settlements near Avdiivka, and also on Kurakhivsky on the side of Marinka. The most important situation is between the remaining two. Earlier, RBC-Ukraine has already revealed how they are connected to each other and what the Kremlin’s larger global plan may entail. The waste in the Donetsk region will be deprived. Other methods of action of Russians to achieve this goal may vary.

In the first and other scenarios described above, the enemy will attack on the same lines as today. The most active battles will be either in the Kramatorsk agglomeration or on the Kurakhivsko-Vugledarskoye direct line.

In the third scenario, the aggressor can also become active in Sumshchyna and Kharkiv region directly from the territory of the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation. Moscow, on the one hand, wants to create a so-called “sanitary zone” among its border regions. Otherwise, the enemy wants to provoke the Ukrainian command to take away part of the army from other important targets for the defense of Kharkiv and Sumshchyna.

three scenarios of possible offensive actions by Russia, one of them is activation on the Kurakhivsko-Vugledarsky direct line (map: DeepState)

At the same time, this version is also “invigorated” in Russian media – both oppositional and propaganda. The Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Lavrov, the first of the Posadists, openly said that Kharkiv “plays an important role” in Putin’s idea of ​​​​creating a demilitarized “sanitary zone” in Ukraine.

The grouped “North”, which is located in the Bryansk, Kursk and Belgorod regions, according to the coordinator of the “Information Resistance” Kostyantin Mashovets, has up to 50 thousand special warehouses. Another grouping – “West”, which operates directly on Kup’yansky, is, according to various estimates, 60-80 thousand. Since last spring, the small village of Synkivka, ten kilometers from Kup'ianska, has not been able to survive.

So anyway, there is a real threat in Kharkiv and Sumy directly from Ukrainian officials no one knows about her. The Russians are unlikely to have enough strength to carry out an operation to bury Kharkov; before that, during the entire war they had never carried out an offensive against a site of such magnitude. Therefore, the certainty of Kharkov’s extirpation and burial now seems even less incredible. The same idea was recently expressed by analysts at the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

We remind you that earlier the ISW assumed that Ukraine’s armed forces would be able to prevent the immediate operational withdrawal of Russian troops at the hour of the planned summer offensive operation of the aggressor. Analysts also believe that Russia will be able to carry out a larger-scale and more intensive operation this summer, at least in advance.

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