• 20/04/2024 15:50

Shelters: Spectators of the national Eurovision selection donated more than UAH 2 million for mine clearance equipment

The volunteer noted that you can still join the collection, since “we need to buy a lot to clear our land.”

Shelters: Viewers of the national Eurovision selection sent more than 2 million Volunteer Sergey Pritula 

<p>Thanks to the viewers of the National Eurovision selection It has already been possible to collect 2.2 million UAH for equipment for mobile humanitarian demining teams.</p>
<p>Volunteer Sergei Prytula reported this on social networks.</p>
<p> < “The national selection united Ukrainians in an effort to elect their representative to the Eurovision song contest and in the matter of taking care of our state,” wrote Pritula.</p>
<p>He added that you can still join the collection, since “we need to buy a lot of things to clear our land.”</p>
<li>According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, during December 2023 alone, demining units of the State Special Transport Service discovered, seized and neutralized 6,171 explosive objects.</li>
<li The Ministry of Defense created 10 battalions and three companies for demining de-occupied territories. According to the department, more than 174 thousand sq. km. The territories of Ukraine are potentially contaminated with explosive objects due to Russian aggression.</li>
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