• 17/04/2024 11:36

Iraq has blocked banks from transacting in US dollars, – Reuters

Iraq has been defended by illegal swindlers, money laundering and other illegal operations. in US dollars,

RBC-Ukraine reported this to Reuters.

This decision was praised a few days after the visit of a high-ranking representative of the US Treasury.

Vlada Iraq was blocked by banks participation in auctions for the sale of US dollars, as conducted by the Central Bank of the country. Meta – to force the smuggling of dollars to Iran, which the United States is actively fighting.

Iraq, an ally of both the United States and Iran, with more than 100 billion dollars of reserves that are saved in the United States, is heavily stored due to the goodwill of Washington , so that mothers have access to their nafta earnings and other financial resources.

The following financial institutions were taken under protection:

  • International Investment Bank Akhsur;
  • Investment Bank Bank of Iraq;
  • Union Bank of Iraq;
  • Kurdistan International Islamic Bank for Investment and Development;
  • Al-Huda Bank;
  • Islamic Bank Investment and Finance Al-Janub;
  • Islamic Bank of Arabia;
  • Commercial Bank of Hammurabi.

“We highly appreciate the funds that are being maintained by the Central Bank “Iraq to protect the Iraqi financial system from the fraud that led to legitimate Iraqi banks reaching international connections through correspondent bank accounts,” a Treasury official told Iraq.

Sank what the US is against Iran

We wrote earlier, that the United States imposed sanctions against companies that assisted Iran in the production of kamikaze drones.

Before the end of leaf fall in 2023, the United States introduced sanctions against Iran and the DPRK.

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