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Spain may soon recognize Palestine as a power, – ZMI

The government of Spain in the near future will praise the decision to recognize Palestine as a power, from what they get used to other countries of the EU until this decision.

RBC-Ukraine reports this via a post on Euractiv.

Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez has confirmed the low level of bilateral relations in Brussels Other European leaders , to analyze the situation at the Close Meeting, explain Madrid’s position and coordinate actions.

Gerela Vidannya reported that regardless of the fact that other parts of the EU come to the position of Spain once the Palestinian state is recognized, the Spanish government has already praised the political decision to create This brave little one, as Sanchez recently declared, until the end of the ongoing six-month period.

< p>Jerela declares that this period, which supported the Spanish parliament in 2014 and, due to the wealth of recent experiments, has a strong support among the Spanish population, “will be praised in many years, and not months.”

Sanchez recently went on a trip to the EU to promote the idea of ​​Palestinian sovereignty, and on Wednesday in Brussels, on the sidelines of the EU-27, the Spanish Prime Minister with my colleagues from Malta, Robert Abel, and Luxembourg, Luke Frieden.

Abela has already reached this year about the recognition of Palestine, the remnants of the stink ratified the treaty signed by Spain, Malta, Slovenia and Ireland on the 22nd Birth.


Palestine is de jure independent and often the power is known to Close to the gathering, which is in the process of creation. The independence of Palestine was recognized by 138 of the 193 powers – members of the UN.

Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Ugorshchina, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Sweden – nine EU member states that immediately recognize the Palestine stinskaya state.

The vote of the State of Palestine was voted on November 15, 1988 in Algeria at the session of the Palestinian National for the great satisfaction of the Palestine Resolution Organization – 253 votes for, 46 against, and 10 votes in the morning They went to the polls. In this case, the OVP did not control any territory it claimed.

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