• 28/05/2024 19:15

Russians are trying to protect their refineries from drones with networks

The Bashneft company installs mechanical nets at its facilities and asks for protection from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The Russians are trying to protect their refineries from drones with nets

Russian oil refineries from drone attacks.

Russian media reported this.

The head of the region, Radiy Khabirov, said that mechanical nets had been installed that would protect the company’s oil refineries “from potential attacks by unmanned aerial vehicles.”

“The Bashneft company discovered the initiative and equipped the main objects that could become the target of attacks with certain mechanical fences. But we all understand that this is a half-hearted solution,” he said.

Khabirov also noted that the company is asking the Russian Ministry of Defense for additional support.

The collapse of Russian oil refining is possible: we need more drones and a few more months < /blockquote>

  • Ukraine has recently regularly attacked oil refineries in Russia because they supply fuel for the occupiers’ equipment. Thus, the largest Rosneft oil refinery in Ryazan lost its capacity as a result of a strike by Ukrainian drones. The plant suffered serious damage to two of its four primary oil processing units.
  • According to Blomberg, due to drone attacks on the refinery, Russian diesel exports fell by 25%. And the country's oil refining rate recently fell to near an 11-month low.
  • Russia is trying to save the market from shortages and imports gasoline from Belarus.
  • Ukraine's security service has already carried out 13 successful attacks on Russian oil refineries, which significantly reduced the export of petroleum products. One of the latest attacks was on the Kuibyshev oil refinery in the Samara region. The plant suspended operations after the attack on March 23.
  • Some of the damaged refineries need reconstruction using high technologies to which Russians have no or limited access.


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