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Ukraine has for the first time lost Tu-22M3 aircraft and Kh-22 missiles: what do we know about them?

Ukrainian defenders, at the beginning of a large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, gained Russian strategic Tu-22M3 bomber. Also, two Kh-22 missiles were previously reduced.

What is known about this aircraft and missiles – the material from RBC-Ukraine is lower.

During the preparation of the material, vicorists were used: Telegram- Commander of the Military Forces ZSU Mikoli Oleshchuk, comments from the Defense Forces, data from Wikipedia, publication Defense Express.


  • New attack of Russia
  • Details of poverty Tu- 22M3
  • What do you know about the Tu-22M3
  • X-22 missiles

New attack of Russia

On this night of the 19th quarter, Russian troops attacked Ukraine yesterday. The occupiers fired 22 missiles and 14 kamikaze drones. Among the missiles were:

  • two Kh-101/X-555 winged missiles, which were fired from strategic aircraft Tu-95 MS;
  • 12 ceramic-plated Kh-59 airborne missiles/Kh-69;
  • two winged Iskander-K missiles;
  • six winged Kh-22 missiles fired from long-range strategic bombers Tu-22M3.

Anti-aircraft defense forces were able to destroy all 14 “Shaheds”, two missiles of the X-101/X-555 type, 11 X-59/X-69 missiles and two X-22.

Also the Defense Forces and the Head Office Intelligence services of the Ministry of Defense have found a long-range strategic bomber Tu-22M3. Having appointed the commander of the Air Defense Forces ZSU Oleshchuk, at the hour of today's attack, two Kh-22 missiles were already destroyed.

Details of the destruction of the Tu-22M3

The Russians announced last night that they had fallen in the Stavropol Territory of the Russian Federation Skoviy flytak Tu-22M3 .

Prote, as you know, the liquidation of the bomber was an operation of the Ukrainian Defense Forces. Dzherel RBC-Ukraine reported that the loss of the Tu-22M3 was responsible for attacks on Ukraine. The aircraft was attacked at a distance of 300 km from Ukraine.

Also, according to Dzherel, the Russian Tu-22M3 aircraft was shot down by the S-200 anti-aircraft missile system. The system was modified by officers of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.

What you know about the Tu-22M3

The Tu-22M3 is a long-range strategic bomber that carries Kh-22 missiles.

The first aircraft of the T-22 class were created in the 60s of the last century. The first Tu-22M0 appeared in mid-1969, and by the end of 1972, nine such aircraft were destroyed. At the time of testing these aircraft, a low number of shortcomings were revealed, so it was assumed that the Tu-22M2 would be.

The Tu-22M3 model appeared in the 1970s. It first rose from the sky in 1977, and serial production ended in 1993. It is clear that 268 bombers were produced.

defence-ua com

Today, it is unknown how many Tu-22M3 pilots are flying in Russia. Experts believe that there are no more than 60 of them, and only half of them are on combat readiness.

After the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine received 22 Tu-22M2 aircraft and 60 Tu-22M3 aircraft. More than 19 of them were transferred to Russia, which were withdrawn for museum exhibitions and disposed of.

Main characteristics of the Tu-22M3:

  • crew – 4 individuals;
  • wing length – 42 meters, height – 11 meters;
  • wing span – from 23.3 to 34.3 meters;
  • capacity – 112 tons;
  • maximum speed – 2300 km/year
  • practical speed – 13,300 meters;
  • flight range – 6800 km.

X-22 missiles

Tu-22M3 carries X-22 missiles, which are called “slip killers” “. This is an anti-ship missile that was destroyed in the middle of the last century. These missiles are the same missiles for the Tu-22M3, which are suitable for attacks on ground targets.

Defense Express notes that the X-22 has a homing radar head and is bad for ground targets compared to cruise missiles. The weight of the X-22 combat unit can reach up to a thousand kilograms. More than that, there are no aerobalistic missiles “Kinjal” and other Russian missiles.

It’s a pity that Ukraine is bombarded with a lot of missiles. Experts say that new PPO systems can withstand the X-22, including the butt, Patriot.

Shelling of the Dnipropetrovsk region

During this night, the main target of the enemy was the Dnipropetrovsk region. The Dnieper suffered damage in other places.

As a result of the attack, the Dnieper's vital surface, station, and infrastructure facilities were damaged. We know about two people who died and 16 who were injured. Krivy Rig, Sinelnikovo and Pavlograd were also hit by the enemy. There are also victims and injuries there.

For more details about the legacy of the night attack, see the material from RBC-Ukraine.

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