• 28/05/2024 19:58

Speaker Johnson will split aid to Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel into four bills

The majority leader presented his plan at the GOP caucus.

Speaker Johnson will divide aid to Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel into four bills

Mike Johnson Speaker of the House of Representatives addresses the issue of providing funding for military assistance to Ukraine. At a closed meeting of the Republican Party, he presented his plan for a decision that could not be made for more than six months.

As The Hill writes, Johnson wants to split the aid package for Ukraine, Taiwan and Israel into three separate documents and add one more . They should all be bound by a common procedural rule that would govern the amendment process. military assistance and convertible loans for humanitarian needs.

Republican Kevin Gern, who was present at the meeting, points out that none of the bills talks about measures to protect the southern border of the United States. This may cause protest and criticism from the radical wing of the party, which demanded not to accept any external financial documents without resolving the issue of illegal migrants.

  • In Congress they believe they will vote on a bill to help Ukraine and Israel as early as this week.
  • Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said that agreement had been reached on this issue agreement.


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