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US Congress punishes Iran for large-scale attack on Israel

The US House of Representatives confirmed the low number of bills aimed at the financial squeeze on Iran. The decision was praised in response to an unprecedented missile attack on the territory of Israel.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a post on The Hill.

Three bills were put to voting on Monday, 15th quarter damn , in the minds of the authorities, the regulation is suspended – an accelerated process that requires the support of two-thirds of the deputies to praise the decision and allows voting to be carried out safely in the hall.

The bills are important aimed at introducing financial sanctions against Iran, those who support it, and at least its trusted individuals.

Among them is a bill on the collection of tax benefits for non-profit organizations, and support terrorist groups; legislation aimed at stopping China from purchasing Iranian oil and petroleum products; and also an attempt to disrupt the Iranian system from the corruption of the American financial system.

The documents have been voted on, it is important not to shout the super-choke and to fight in support of the majority of Democrats, despite the fact that the majority of the House of Representatives is Republicans.

Democratic Congressman Brad Schneider supported the bill H.R. 6408, which collects donations for organizations that promote terrorism. He is the author of the document together with Republican David Kustoff. Natomist Schneider, surging to the Republicans with protests, brought to the vote an additional law on national security.

“Once again I want to thank my colleague, Deputy Kustoff, for his partnership and work on this law … and I urge all my colleagues not only to support this law, but also, as we have already said, to support the necessary security financing, which it's gone to the Senate,” he said.

Large-scale attack by Iran on Israel

On the night of the 14th quarter, Iran launched a large-scale attack on Israel with strike drones and missiles. Targets were launched from the territory of Iran and puppets of the Iranian regime from the territory of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

Over 200 drones and nearly 150 missiles were launched directly to Israel. Israel, in partnership with the United States, Great Britain, France and allies at the Close Meeting, shot down almost all targets, including several ballistic missiles, which were shot down.

The US military for its support The incians at the Close Meeting shot down over 80 kamikaze drones and at least 6 ballistic missiles launched from Iran and Yemen.

The United States announced its intention to help Israel protect itself, rather than end the war with Iran.

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