• 20/06/2024 09:25

State Enterprise “Document” resumes issuing ready-made documents abroad

Currently, documents are being issued in test mode.

DP “Document” resumes issuance of ready-made documents abroad

State Enterprise “Document” resumes issuance of ready-made documents abroad in test mode.

The press service of the State Enterprise “Document” reported this.

“To prevent and prevent system overload and repeated technical failures, the issuance will be made primarily to socially vulnerable categories of citizens and after receiving the SMS message again about the readiness of passports for issuance,” the DP emphasized.

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At the same time, those awaiting the issuance of ready-made documents are asked to comply with the following rules:

  • have an SMS about the readiness of the passport – (received after April 25);



  • present an identification document of the applicant (including e-passport in the “DEYA” application);
  • go through the verification procedure and check personal data.
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    What happened with the issuance of documents of the State Enterprise “Document” abroad

    • On April 23, the State Enterprise “Document” announced the suspension of the issuance of ready-made documents abroad for technical reasons. The issuance was left only for children 12 years old, since they do not need biometric verification.

    • Since April 23, all Ukrainian consulates have temporarily suspended the provision of services to men from 18 to 60 years old. Temporary restrictions do not in any way affect the provision of consular assistance in case of emergency situations with Ukrainian citizens abroad. They relate only to the submission by a certain category of citizens of applications for certain consular services during a certain period.

    • The Cabinet of Ministers also prohibited sending passports to men abroad.

    • Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba explained that the state will not provide services citizens who went abroad during the war, showing by this that the fate of the country does not bypass them. The obligation to update your documents in the TCC existed even before the adoption of the new law on mobilization.


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