• 24/04/2024 09:48

“Team members are monitored for a long period – stubbornly, systematically and expensively,” – Denis Bigus

The conversations of the project interlocutors were assembled from episodes, between which there were months of time.

“Team members are monitored for a long period - persistently, systematically and expensivelyTracking members of the Bihus.Info team spent a considerable amount of time trying to discredit the editors.

This was reported by the founder of the Bihus.Info investigative project Denis Bigus.

He emphasized that fragments of intercepted conversations made public were assembled from several episodes, between which there are months of time.

“And when they didn’t find any professional fakes, they switched to personal ones. As a result, cameras were installed in the room of the girls from the team at the New Year’s corporate party,” he said.

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Denis Bigus emphasized that such wiretapping, like surveillance, is a blatant interference in “deeply private life.”

At the same time, the heroes of the released video, when used illegal substances and harmed themselves. However, their actions did not pose a social threat.

According to the journalist, this surveillance and release of the video did not look like a spontaneous act of revenge for any specific material. Rather, it is systemic long-term tracking and harassment to discredit the work of the team.