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“The consequences of Russia’s attack on Avdeevka on February 8 are still being clarified,” speaker of the Tavria OSUV

The Ukrainian side cannot confirm the number of deaths in Avdiivka as a result of the attack by Russian forces at the “Point of Invincibility.”

Consequences of the strike

Avdeevka, enemy shelling, January 30, 2024

The Ukrainian side cannot confirm the number of deaths in Avdiivka as a result of the Russian army’s strike on the “point of inflexibility”, which was carried out on February 8. Representatives of the State Emergency Service cannot reach the scene of the incident due to the security situation in the city.

This was stated by the head of the public relations department of the operational-strategic group of troops “Tavria” Dmitry Likhovoy, Radio Liberty reports.

“The probable war crime of the Russians, which they committed on February 8, is shelling and airstrikes at the “point of indestructibility”, at the storage facility in the ATB supermarket at 3 Central Avenue in Avdeevka, has not yet been verified. Some sources say that it may there are close to 15 dead among civilians. Perhaps some of them are injured, some are under the rubble,” Likhovoy commented.

He added that the Ukrainian side cannot confirm this figure, since the State Emergency Service does not have the opportunity to come and provide assistance or at least verify this event.

“Five days have passed. We do not have accurate data on this matter. Although this is just one of many examples of the inhumane attitude of Russians towards civilians in Avdievka,” the speaker noted. “Tavria”.

He added that there are still more than 900 civilians in Avdeevka, but evacuation is not yet possible. evacuation,” the speaker said.

  • The Russian Army is striving for the operational encirclement of Avdeevka, so the front line is moving in both directions. If earlier the Russian army used the tactics of small infantry groups, now it is increasingly using armored vehicles, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. There are street battles. In addition, the enemy has increased the number of KAB attacks on the city.
  • Recently, more than a hundred people were withdrawn from the occupied environs of Avdiivka. This is an unusual case of evacuation, which took place in cooperation with the Ukrainian military The operation was risky due to constant shelling from Russian troops. People took white rags and walked on foot, under fire, to the center of Avdeevka.


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