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Mind changing. In which countries will you pass the payment to Ukrainians in 2024?

The EU is currently fighting against 4.3 million refugees from Ukraine. Some countries that have welcomed a lot of people and given a great financial boost, after two years of war I will soon be able to help.

RBC-Ukraine reveals which European countries are planning to cut payments in order to reduce and the flow of people and the Ukrainians began to prance.< /p>

During the preparation of the material, the following sources were used: Rzeczpospolita, The Irish Times, portal to the Norwegian government, proukrainu.blesk.cz.

Poland – the polgs continued for only 4 months

Time limit for downloads from the war in Ukraine and Poland until 4 March 2024. On June 9, 2024, the Polish Sejm voted to extend the time-hour protection and assistance programs until June 30, 2024. After this, the decision for Ukrainian refugees can be changed.

Zokrem, until June 30, the following benefits for Ukrainians:

  • the right to withdraw family support;
  • free access to the market;
  • access to medical care;
  • the ability to conduct business.

Previously, it was also proposed to provide travel allowances to Ukraine and anuluvati timchasy zakhist. The same was true about changes in payments for children.

Ukrainians, along with Poles, will receive assistance for skin up to 18 years at the rate of 800 zlotys per month (7500 UAH). We are preparing to hold consultations with ministries, local self-government bodies and organizations that will provide assistance to Ukrainian refugees.

Photo: Help for Ukrainian refugees near Poland (gettyimages.com)

Meanwhile, a recent study by the University of Warsaw showed that the majority of Poles (53% of respondents) are against the provision of benefits and payments to refugees. State aid is praised by only 21% of those who are fed.

Ireland – radically shortened penny aid

Ireland was faced with a once-great flow of refugees from Ukraine and other countries. There are already more than 110 thousand Ukrainians there. In 2022, the country spent over 750 million euros on social payments to Ukrainians. About 75 thousand Ukrainians live in this landless country. These are important hotels, but they can be monasteries and modular little houses.

For Ukrainian refugees who come from violence, the Irish government has agreed to speed up payments. Such approaches may reduce the flow of those who want to remove wastes, leaving behind a significant shortage of life in the country.

According to the new rules, new arrivals who live in a household without expenses provided by the state will receive assistance of 38.80 euros per day. The maximum payment amount for all refugees is 232 euros per day. Newly arrived residents will be able to live with the sovereign for up to 90 days. After leaving a cost-free home, payments can be increased. Then you will need to look for a place to rent on your own.

For refugees who arrived earlier, the exchange is scheduled until it becomes stagnant, but in order it is allowed that such arrivals can be praised by the future.

img src=”https://baltimorechronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/f653d3256ab844e92afd2bdae548a350.jpg” />

Photo: Ukrainian refugees in Ireland (gettyimages.com)

Currently, refugees from Ukraine are cutting back on funding for pets. From now on, the new arrivals will not be able to take them with them to the sovereign life, because their accommodation will not be paid. For those Ukrainians who previously arrived in Ireland and lived with this power, they are now prohibited from acquiring new creatures.

Norway to speed up payments and strengthen the rules for Ukrainians

The Norwegian government will allow new entries under immigration controls. The country in the other half of 2023 faced a significant influx of Ukrainian refugees, through which the space in the municipalities may have dried up. Therefore, the Norwegian government wants to reduce the country’s profitability and bring assistance to Ukrainian refugees up to the level of other Norwegian countries.

At the beginning of winter, Norway announced the strengthening of the rules for overloading, and at the end of 2024, the government introduced additional proposals to speed up the assistance. Zokrema, Norway we do not give collective protection to people from a subordinate community. Also, trips of Ukrainians home may lead to the cancellation of their residence permit in Norway, except for special circumstances.

Photo: Ukraine near Norway (gettyimages.com)

Among other changes:

    < li>Norway does not provide financial assistance, as Ukrainians choose to live as a center for refugees;
  • Basic and additional benefits will be included in the cost of living;
  • Payments at the time of the relevant program for couples without children change to 530 euros;
  • Only those refugees who have lived in the country for at least 12 months are entitled to payment for children of 8200 euros;
  • payment of government assistance for children throughout the world up to 18 hours after the break may be cut down;
  • living near the corners with animals will be impossible.

The Ukrainians should practice in the same way. Vlad will strengthen the awareness program and provide specific benefits for its directness. It will be necessary to spend 15 years on work-oriented activities.

In the Czech Republic, changing the minds of cost-free living

In the Czech Republic, 2024 births are planned for refugees from Ukraine change in the assistance program. Zokrema, from 1st Spring 2024, the term and the gift of a catless life are delineated.

Refugees have the right to live without expenses with a humanitarian resident for up to 90 days. Until then, such accommodation will be given for 150 days. From spring 2024, guilt will no longer be imposed on various categories of refugees (people with disabilities, mothers with small children), who will now deny the right to live for residents of the country without derogation.

< p style="text-align: center;">Photo: Help for Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic (gettyimages.com)

To withdraw humanitarian payments, which transfer the sums to pay for housing and food costs, it is necessary to indicate all income from Ukraine. However, in the application form for additional assistance it will be necessary to note that the applicant allows the employment center to collect information about income from the Ukrainian side. Police departments can help you ask about pensions and pay them according to Ukrainian regulations. You will also be required to submit a declaration of income that was withdrawn from money, in addition to official work in the Czech Republic. These funds should be insured when the remaining amount of assistance is disbursed.

I guess, we wrote, to some extent Ukrainians will continue to leave en masse. The largest flow of refugees is to Germany and the Czech Republic.

We also learned that the change in the time-hour protection rules affected refugees in Poland. Ukrainians are increasingly submitting documents for residence permits.

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