• 22/04/2024 09:21

The Czech Republic is looking at tens of millions of euros for its plan to supply shells to Ukraine

The Czech Republic will donate tens of millions of euros to the initiative, which is It is clear that from the purchase of hundreds of thousands of artillery ammunition for Ukraine.

Prime Minister Petro Fiala said this, RBC-Ukraine reported to Reuters.

Fiala stated that the Czech Republic’s contributions amount to hundreds of millions of crowns, which This represents tens of millions of euros.

“This is approximately the part that can contribute to our size and goodness,” said Fiala.

The program under the Czech Republic received nearly 18 countries, with Germany receiving the largest contribution – 576 million euros for 180 thousand artillery shells.

The Czech Republic through a team of officials and privately the company requested no less than 800 thousand large-caliber ammunition from the Ukraine the world, and the first shipments to Ukraine will end up in the dark.

Also, Czech officials stated that this figure is not residual, and that the world will have more ammunition to ensure that more financing.

< p>Two years after the large-scale invasion of Russia by Ukraine's most urgent need for artillery ammunition, the remaining sides will use important artillery fire to strengthen the critically static, fortified positions of the enemy line. and the front line is 1000 km long.

Plan of the Czech Republic

It seems likely that the Russian troops will be released from This time there are more shells, lower ZSU. More importantly, there is an indication that Kiev is ahead of its allies, so the ratio is three to one.

At the beginning of 2024, Czech President Petro Pavlo announced 800 thousand ammunition in countries, as do not enter the European warehouse The Union was about to sell them. There are about 500 thousand shells of 155 mm caliber and 300 thousand – 122 mm caliber.

The countries participating in the Czech initiative signed an agreement to purchase artillery shells for Ukraine, within the framework of each ZSU, 1 million ammunition is removed.

Currently, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmigal stated that Ukraine will supply the first batch of artillery ammunition with the same initiative.

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