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The delivery to Avdiivka has been complicated, the ZSU has hit the reserve logistics artery

Invasion in Avdiivka, Donetsk region, where heavy fighting is taking place, has been complicated. The ZSU hit the reserve logistics artery.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this in response to the commentary of the Tavriya river boatman Dmitry Likhovy on the telethon.

“What is the situation in Avdiivka, the line of the front is even more dynamic and we are planning to maneuver our sub-units in order to achieve greater positions, in order to overcome positions, then the key information is post departure to Avdiivka and evacuation from the place of decomposition, otherwise the reserve logistic artery was affected, which was prepared immediately,” he said.

According to Likhoviya, the gate wants to go beyond the Avdiyivsky coke plant, aka “there is a vital operation there.”

Investments of the Russian Federation on the Tavriysky direct

Of course, behind the words speaker, on Avdievsky, the situation is no longer tense, but under control.

“From 18:00 on the 14th to 6:00 on the 15th, the Russians spent 208 special deposits, of which the irrevocable spending of the Russian Federation on the Avdiivsky direct until the decision of the direct OSUV “Khortytsia” became 20:1,” he said.

< p>If we talk about the whole Tavria directly, then in the past few years we have launched 43 air strikes here, carried out 64 military operations, carried out 1080 artillery strikes.

“The left part of the skin from these numbers is the same Avdi “Evsky directly,” – having designated the speaker.

The foreign waste of the enemy in the living force during the harvest in Tavria directly accumulated 526 military personnel.

“Also, 55 units of Russian equipment were reduced, including three tanks, 25 armored fighting vehicles, 30 artillery systems, one air defense system and 5 enemy targets – two UAV control points and three places containing a special warehouse,” – listing Likhovy.

Sita event in Avdiivtsi

The situation in Avdiivtsi is approaching catastrophe. At the moment, the city has been experiencing street battles for many days now.

So, just yesterday in the Tavriya OSUV it was announced that the ZSU had received a call about spare supply routes to Avdiivka for the fall, as the enemy could cut the main logistics chnyi way. Already on the evening of February 14th, the Donetsk OVA reported that the road that led to Avdiivka was already under fire from the occupiers. In this case, the city will be deprived of three more than 900 people.

Before that, as the commander-in-chief of ZSU Oleksandr Sirsky, reserves will be obtained for the defense of Avdiivka. Already on the 15th of February, it became clear that the Third Regional Assault Brigade was finally redeployed near the Avdiivka area to reinforce the Ukrainian troops.

Read the terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RB channel K-Ukraine on Telegram.

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