• 21/04/2024 17:02

The EU can collect tranches for the program for Ukraine for 50 billion euros: where to put it

The reform program of the EU Ukraine Facility is responsible for nearly 140 minds-indicators, skins and mats have your own “price”. For the duration of the reforms, the pennies simply “burn.”

This is discussed in the RBC-Ukraine article “The European Union has allocated 50 billion euros to Ukraine. The pennies are given for reforms with strict control.”

Residual project The document has not yet been prepared, but RBC-Ukraine decided to get acquainted with its intermediate version.

The main areas of reform in the program will be: government, government finance, the justice system and the fight against corruption. Economic reforms will need to be carried out in practically all areas, including: energy, transport, rural government, IT sector and digitalization.

It is already clear that if the indicator is not finalized immediately, the tranche will shorten a certain sum.

For example, if in order to win the final tranche of 600 million euros in Ukraine before the deadline, 3 indicators will be needed, and the deadline will be missed, for example, for one of them, then the amount of pennies will disappear proportionally – by a third, by 400 million Shchob otrimati Rashtu. 5 0 billion Euro long-term loans. The first tranche of 4.5 billion euros will end up in the birch.

As RBC-Ukraine reported, the tool for monitoring the EU's cash flows for Ukraine is behind the Ukraine Facility program for 50 billion euros covering three levels .

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