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The EU is preparing sanctions against Russian gas: Bloomberg calling it a legacy

EU countries are discussing banning the re-export of Russian bottled gas as part of their 14th package of sanctions and against Russia . Although we do not want a complete defense, we will not become the first attack if Europe makes concrete moves against Russian LNG.

RBC-Ukraine reports this as reported on Bloomberg.

The Russian pipeline company Novatek is relying on links to the EU to transport Arctic fuel from ice-class vessels to primary tankers. We want to prevent access to the vanguards from reaching Europe (where LNG imports from Russia have actually increased after the war), it is necessary to make it easier to send them to the extremes of Asia.

What specifically should be targeted under sanctions

To optimize transport costs, the Arctic project “Yamal” LNG”, selected by Novatek, the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium and Montoire in France for transshipment of 15 ice-class vessels onto primary tankers. A ship that arrives will be checked out at the terminal, and a standard ZPG tanker will be checked in at approximately the same hour. In the minds of the defense it is already impossible.

For Yamal LNG, the links are necessary to allow highly specialized vessels to turn to the Arctic plant, as is necessary for regular vessels. Data from the courts show that every month in Europe there are up to eight Russian vantages, although this number varies and significantly decreases in the spring and autumn, when the Pivnichny sea route through the Ar The ship has less ice and will provide increased access to China.

Imports of Russian LNG to the EU last year reached 14.4 million tons, according to consultant Energy Aspects Ltd. The transshipment, where the palivo is transshipped, totaled 2 million tons. The most likely scenario is that the withdrawal will lead to the fact that additional obligations will be lost in the block, where part of Russian LNG will become close to 13%.

How is LNG production in Russia affected?

The sanctions will further complicate transportation logistics for Russia and make specialized vessels more expensive than existing routes. Global fleets are already leaving the Red Sea after attacks by the Yemeni Houthis, prompting the court to change the route around Africa. According to Energy Aspect, delivery of vantages of gas and gas pipelines from Yamal directly to Asia will result in increased costs for freight and logistics, as well as to the trivial parking of crigolams.

Russia is actively pursuing several alternatives: it is currently conducting ship-to-ship transfers near its home town of Murmansk, so that it could be used for the rescue of ships. It may also be possible to use the Northern Sea Route if the ice melts and different ships may reach the plant.

As alternative delivery mechanisms experience failures, the export of Russian PPG may soon hush. Moreover, the country has shown great resourcefulness in circumventing the latest sanctions in favor of oil.

What does the fence mean for Asian clients?

According to Energy Aspects, exports of Russian LNG to Asian buyers may decline or become more expensive due to higher freight costs.

In the extreme scenario, if Novatek is unable to change its logistics and the export of Russian LNG will be suspended, Europe will terminate the Russian contract for the delivery of 3 million tons to the river from China.

Victory of the Pivnichny Sea Lyakhu or Murmansk transshipment is also deposited due to the ice conditions, which will lead to the transfer of supplies to Asia for another half of the calendar year.

What does this mean for European companies?

European companies, such as the German power Securing Energy for Europe GmbH, Shell Plc and TotalEnergies SE, rely on the transshipment of waste from Yamal in Zeebrugge and Montuary, together with the contract base published by the global group Importers.

The term of these contracts expires no earlier than 2038 and 2041 years, which potentially opens up the possibility of notifying about force majeure situations, if the transshipment will be blocked.

It is expected that from the moment Europe and its allies joked about the Russian invasion of Ukraine ways to cut off Moscow's income from the burning of fire without incurring higher energy costs for its citizens.

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