• 25/06/2024 11:30

Zelensky: fighting is underway in the villages of the “gray zone” of the Kharkov region

The situation in the Donetsk direction is no less acute.

Zelensky: in the villages of the

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky announced this in a video message.

“I want to thank our soldiers who are holding positions and destroying the occupier. Artillery, drones – everyone who is involved, and involved accurately – I thank you. Our the obvious: it is necessary to inflict the greatest losses on the occupier,” the head of state said.

He added that the situation in the Donetsk direction is no less aggravated.

“Actually, the intention of the strikes in the Kharkov region is to stretch our forces and undermine the moral, motivational basis of the ability of Ukrainians to defend themselves. The Pokrovsky direction is the toughest,” Zelensky commented.

According to him, only for this day there were already 30 military clashes in the Pokrovsky direction. Also tough are the Limanskoye, Vremevskoye, Kramatorskoye, Kupyanskoye directions.

“Our soldiers respond with dignity to the occupier and do everything possible, often impossible, to restrain Russian assaults and respond – respond to the occupier with fire,” the president said.

  • The Ukrainian Defense Forces are conducting counterattack operations in the areas of the border villages of Strelecha, Krasnoye, Morokhovets, Oleynikovo, Lukyantsy, Gatishche and Pletenevka in the Kharkov region. The enemy is trying to expand the front in the direction of Liptsy and Volchansk.
  • Syrsky noted that the situation in the Kharkov region remains acute. The enemy is actively attacking units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in several directions with the aim of advancing deeper into the territory of our state.
  • More than 4,500 civilians were evacuated from the border region of the Kharkov region.


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