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Blackout is not scary. Top 5 reasons for installing sleep panels

Sonyachny panels are not the first to gain popularity in Ukraine. And thanks to the Russian strikes on energy, the power supply of alternative electrical devices is becoming even more relevant.

RBC-Ukraine examines the top 5 reasons why it is important to install such panels.

In preparing the material, vikory was used Information from open sources and commentary from the expert of the huge organization “Ecodia” Dmitry Sakalyuk.


  • Korst for dovkill
  • Povna or chastkova autonomy
  • Blackout may even be “unprecedented”
  • Minimum maintenance costs
  • Green tariff and opportunity to earn money

Cost for dovkilla

Sonic panels do not damage mechanical, electrical or electronic components. The stench is absolutely safe for dowkill: it has no harmful emissions, is absolutely noiseless and is in no way noticeable on healthy people.

The sun is an environmentally friendly source of energy. And what a wonderful way to reduce your carb content. The operation of solar power plants does not require any other resources. This kind of energy is self-sufficient, and the installation of panels in the garden or business can become a great addition to the counter in the future. And a way to show the turbo about the environment, how important it is to you.

Reducing prices on solar panels is another result of an increase in the vicinity of solar energy. Traditional electricity largely lies in coal and gas. And these resources are not only poor for education, but also for sharing.

Full or partial autonomy

Its own solar station has greater autonomy compared to centralized power supply systems. Investment in such a system allows you to protect yourself from increased prices for utility services and protects it. Savings on expenses can only be achieved due to the fact that there is high energy activity in Ukraine, especially from pregnancy to winter.

In the end, it is impossible to increase the tariff, which also speaks to the benefit of energy security. Technically, the installation of solar batteries means that you have achieved energy-free status. Batteries help save energy at night and during gloomy days.

Of course, installation will require significant investments. The size of these things depends on how you live and how you need electrical equipment to heal. For example, some people have a dishwasher, a washing machine, a boiler or a car, while others don’t. Apparently, the expansion will vary.

“Based on the basic consumption for a family of 4 people, we can talk about a station with a capacity of 7-8 kW. And just talk about basic needs. Although, if the electricians go out, Yes, no I think that the food supply is especially fast so that everything is done properly,” RBC-Ukraine expert Dmitro Sakalyuk said.

The variety also includes the type of sunny station – hybrid or hemorrhage. The hybrid operates on batteries when the firewall is turned on. The middle hybrid station has no batteries, and its energy must be supplied directly through the inverters, but its work requires minimal interaction with stationary connections.

The average hybrid station has two what is more? And today an 8 kW system costs approximately 10-11 thousand euros, every expert. In a case with a hemorrhage, you can invest 5.5-6 thousand.

It is important that the average payback of a solar power plant is 5-7 years depending on how you live and how many other factors you experience, such as the presence of the plot, the placement of panels, the specifics of the connection so different.

Blackout mayzhe “unforgettable” < p>The solar panels make it possible to practically not mark short-term light switch-offs. The hybrid system accumulates energy and ensures life in the cabin while repair work is ongoing or a shutdown schedule is introduced. This allows you to charge your gadgets or warm your home on cold days.

The functioning of the solar batteries does not depend on technical problems in the sleeping area. They do not require any heat, and this allows them to avoid any price or transportation problems. Since the sleeping area is experiencing systematic outages, it is possible that a 10 kW hybrid system may be considered. Such a station is designed to ensure the life of household appliances for 8-9 years.

This principle applies not only to private households, but also to large enterprises, as well as critical infrastructure facilities, such as hospitals and water utilities.

“We already have evidence, if there is a blackout in the regional center i The water utility is sold simply for the fact that it has a hybrid station with a battery group. karni”, – having designated Sakalyuk

Minimal expenses for maintenance

One of its advantages is modularity. In times of increased energy consumption and obvious financial opportunities, the capacity of the system can be increased by adding new photovoltaic modules. And it’s obviously just that fast.

The stations do not require special maintenance. It is enough to clean the panels of the door on the river, but also due to the received fahivts. It is also necessary to periodically change the inverter, but overall maintenance will not require large expenditures.

The system does not have any loose elements or anything like that that can really go wrong. Ask the panel to give a guarantee of 10 years, on the inverter – for 5 years. The batteries are rated for 6000 or more charge/discharge cycles. It depends on the intensity of the changeover to an average of 6-7 rocks.

“Replacement of batteries will be more expensive, and the cost will be approximately 60-70% of the overall performance of the station. If you use them steadily, then replace them after 6-7 “We're afraid to spend a significant amount of money,” the expert said.

The panels require an operating term of 20 years. During this period, they do not need to be changed, except for factory defects or mechanical repairs. The first option has a guarantee, the other is possible in an atypical scenario, like hail from a chicken egg.

Green tariff and earning potential

The green tariff is a mechanism that stimulates the installation of solar panels. Thus, the power of the crops undertakes to buy up the excess generated energy many times more expensive for tariffs for casual companions. It is important that after the payback period the station generates net income.

It is significant that at today’s green tariff the rate will be around 6 hryvnia per kW*year and higher (to be based on pressure). Since the beginning of 2022, through the war, a mandate has been imposed, which guarantees that only 18% of the electricity consumed will be paid, which is due to the surplus on the shelves of the DP “Guaranteed Buyer”. In the quarter of 2024, the exchange rate was cut off.

Dmytro Sakalyuk does not yet recommend considering small Sony stations as a business.

“We live in a force majeure regime, it is difficult to determine what decisions will be made in accordance with the green tariff. Therefore, today’s systems are wondering at the possibility of meeting their energy needs for tomorrow,” he said n.


If possible, switching to alternative devices is necessary. And war is not a reason to hesitate, especially if you are not procrastinating in territories with intense military operations.

“Decentralized energy sources, distributed as close as possible to the comrades – these are the decisions that will be successful in the EU there are 15 rocks. In Ukraine, the war dramatically catalyzed the process, so that food supply is not as economical as energy security. economical and energy-efficient, and for a more healthy environment,” – by adding an expert.

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