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The frost is subsiding, or even in some places: today's weather is expected to warm and rainy

The weather in Ukraine today, 14 pm, will be mild. The frost is subsiding in places, in some areas it will be raining.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center.

Weather in Ukraine

Following weather forecasters' forecasts, in Ukraine today there is light snow, and in the flooded areas with a plank. There are only a few in the Odessa region without any significant rainfall.

There is ice on the roads of the region. The wind is afternoon and afternoon, 7-12 m/s. In the western regions, in some places you can see 15-20 m/s, and in the Carpathians 20-25 m/s, in some parts of Khurtovina.

Thermometer displays:

  • at night: day from 0 to -4, at night -8 -16 degrees;
  • on the day: during the day -2 -7, and at night -10 -16 degrees;
  • on the day: during the day + 3 to 0, at night -1 -5 degrees;
  • at sunset: during the day +2 to 0, and at night -3 -8 degrees;
  • at the center: during the day +1 – 3, at night from -5 to -8 degrees.

Weather near Kiev

It’s gloomy in the capital today, light snow is forecast. There is icy conditions on the roads.

The wind is sunny and windy with a wind speed of 7-12 m/s. The daily temperature in Kiev will be from 0 to -2 degrees, and at night -7 -9.

It seems that the remaining days in Ukraine will be severely frosty. The same area was covered in snow. Forecasters predicted that frost would worsen in Ukraine on Saturday.

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