• 24/04/2024 05:47

The IMF named the brains behind the confiscation of Russian assets

Confiscation of Russian assets is due to a solid legal basis in order to eliminate potential legal entities Risks and inheritance of the international currency systems.

RBC-Ukraine reports this on the statement of the IMF Director with communication Julie Kozak at a briefing in Washington.

Kozak guessed the recent statement, which was made by the first defender of the IMF Executive Director Gita Gopinat, about those who “decisions about those who operate from frozen assets are lost in countries that manage these assets, and in discussions between these countries.”

“In our opinion, it is important that “Beyond these words, before them lie the risks of judicial reviews, the risks of counter-entries and the risks for the international monetary system.

Confiscation of assets for the benefit of Ukraine

The newly acquired States, the European Union and other parts of the “Great Family” will think about how best to use frozen Russian assets to support Ukraine.

For example In the beginning of 2023, the United States gave credit to the countries of the “Great Family” “Confiscate frozen Russian assets worth 300 billion dollars for Ukraine's sake. They wanted to wait until the 24th of 2024 for the initiative.

Protea announced with the project, “Velika Simka” will again confirm that the assets of the Russian central bank will be deprived of frozen assets, the docks of Moscow will not be able to be cleared zbitki, which is what Ukraine lost. Aside from the statement, it only means discussions about the removal of compensation from Russia, parts of the country, as before, disagree on the feasibility of their recovery.

Behind the estimates of the Light Bank, economical and Ukraine's expenses due to the Russian invasion amount to 499 billion dollars.< /p>

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