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The Jacobs kavi plant may leave the Russian market due to EU sanctions, – Reuters

at the compani JDE Peeet's, Yaka Yaka Jacanica Jac. OBS, they said, novi St. The Russians created insignificance for their future business in the aggressor country. This was caused by the fall of the share of the famous kavi grower to a record low level.

RBC-Ukraine reports this as reported by Reuters.

As indicated, the sickle has 2023 Rock company JDE Peet's stated that it conducts its activities in Russia as a separate business and sells local brands.

However, elements of the 12th package of EU sanctions, which are expected to emerge in early 2024, may have a negative impact on those who control these assets.

For information from analysts, JDE Peet's ” not vpevnena, what is possible maintain control over your Russian business” in view of the new sanctions, which will worsen its prospects for 2024.

Before that, shares of the well-known cavy grower had already fallen by 6.8% to 21.60 euros at trading chat .

The company said that the increase in the established sales of international products was insignificant, but also stated that the rebranding of the Jacobs brand for the Russian market will increase the value of 185 million euros.

EU sanctions against Russia ii

​​Guess what, it became known on the 21st that after the European Union they praised the 13th package of sanctions against Russia.

As they write ZMI, the official package should be presented until another day of full-scale war in Ukraine, then on the 24th of February.

Behind the words heads EU diplomacy, about 200 more individuals and companies have been included in the sanctions lists. The sanctions are also aimed at blocking “loops” to circumvent the sanctions. The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, previously said that the EU is limiting Russia's access to drones.

As they wrote, after the EU countries have tried to please several times and new sanctions against Russia, but the Ugorshchina traditionally blocked decisions. Budapest does not want Chinese companies to be added to the sanctions list.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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