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The Main Intelligence Directorate shared details about the destruction of three hostile TU-22s: the scouts covered more than 600 kilometers on foot across the Russian Federation

The scouts completed this combat mission in August. Unfortunately, the group was ambushed. The group commander died in the battle.

GUR told details about the destruction of three hostile TU-22s: the scouts covered over 600 kilometers on foot across the Russian Federation

Hero of Ukraine Oleg Bag The Main Intelligence Directorate told the details of the neutralization in August of three enemy Tu-22 bombers, from which they bombed Ukraine. In order to destroy them, Ukrainian intelligence officers walked 600 kilometers through enemy territory.

The task was to stop numerous air strikes on peaceful cities. They completed the task, says the GUR website.

“However, for Oleg Babii, the commander who covered the departure of his own, it turned out to be the last,” intelligence reported.

Hero of Ukraine Colonel Oleg Babiy was a scout who, from the beginning of the war, actively participated in the destruction of Russian occupation forces. Since the beginning of a large-scale war, he organized and carried out special operations in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and on the territory of the Russian Federation, which really changed the course of this war.

Babiy conducted nine successful reconnaissance missions behind enemy lines, 12 special events to organize and support the resistance movement in the occupied territory of Ukraine and behind enemy lines. He ensured the detection of up to 70 important strategic objects of the Russians: command posts, military equipment, engineering and fortification equipment. The military used information about them to plan operations to liberate the occupied territory and inflict fire on important hostile targets.

“Thanks to the successful completion of tasks by Colonel Babii’s group, it was possible to disorganize the logistics of the invaders, destroy its important facilities and elements of critical infrastructure. Entire units of the Russian occupation forces lost their combat effectiveness, the system of command and control of troops and weapons, suffered a disruption in communication, and then suffered losses in efficiency in interaction with our rear,” the GUR added.

The last successfully completed task of Oleg Babii's reconnaissance group – the destruction and disabling of three Russian TU-22M3 bombers – significantly disrupted the plans of the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation to launch missile strikes on territory of Ukraine and actually completely destabilized the work of airfields and long-range aviation bases.

To carry out the task as part of a reconnaissance group, Oleg Babiy covered more than 600 km on foot across Russian territory in order to stop terrorist aerial bombings of peaceful Ukrainian cities by Russians.

Having penetrated deep behind enemy lines, the reconnaissance officers completed the task – they destroyed a Russian TU-bomber 22M3 and two more were disabled, but they themselves suffered irreparable losses. Returning to Ukrainian-controlled territory, the reconnaissance group of Colonel Oleg Babii was ambushed and entered into an unequal battle with the Russian invaders. was mortally wounded and died.

For his heroic feat, Oleg Babiy was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine with the Order of the Golden Star.

The Hero is survived by his wife and two small children. The youngest daughter was only one year old at the time of her father's death.

  • On August 19, at the Soltsy airfield in Russia, two Tu-22 aircraft burned as a result of a UAV strike on the air base.
  • 21 August, the Main Intelligence Directorate reported that one plane was damaged at the Shaikovka airfield in Russia. The plane was attacked by a drone.


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