• 19/04/2024 10:58

The United States cannot support the land transferred to Ukraine without funding, – Pentagon

The United States will not be able to transfer the necessary changes to Ukraine, and also encourage the transfer of the system without additional funding to Congress .

This was stated by Pentagon spokesman Patrick Ryder, RBC-Ukraine reported on his briefing.

Having noted Ryder, the marriage of financing has forced the Pentagon to slow down the acquisition of its reserves. “This, of course, does not allow us to satisfy the most urgent needs of Ukraine on the battlefield, including artillery shots, anti-tank weapons, and resurfacing PPO,” he said.

In his words, without additional funding, the Pentagon cannot supply systems that meet the mid-term and long-term needs of Ukraine, “and also help them support the systems that we were previously given.”

” We continue to work closely “We are calling on Congress for additional funding as soon as possible,” said Ryder.

As the representative stated to the Pentagon, “Ukraine has the right to vote if it comes to the right to combat operations on the battlefield, unless it is obvious that the threat is real.” .

“I think the fact that Russia continues to demonstrate its intention to fight against Ukraine, to occupy Ukraine and to destroy Ukraine as a country, suggests that there is a serious threat to security, like nowhere else,” he said.

< p>Having said that the United States can continue to give Ukraine the necessary amount of encouragement, “this is better not only for Ukraine, but also for the international community.”

Help from Ukraine’s allies

The United States gave Ukraine They are over 44, 2 billion dollars in additional assistance to the security sector since the Russian invasion in 2022. Nearly $23.6 billion of this price was taken from existing military reserves, and another $19 billion came from long-term military contracts for goods that would take months.

In this way, we They don’t care about those who are extracted, parts of the previously purchased zebra are durable. An additional 1.7 billion dollars was provided by the US Department of State in the form of foreign military funding.

Aid to Ukraine and Israel amounting to 110 billion dollars was increased through divisions between Congress and the United States. m home to other political priorities, including additional security for cordons of the USA and Mexico.

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