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The Ministry of Defense has simplified the procedure for revoking officer rank for mobilized medics

The Ministry of Defense is introducing a new, simplified form and procedure for revoking officer rank for mobile phones called doctors.< /p>

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine through communications to the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

As the department has confirmed, it is now possible to cancel the rank of young lieutenant and return to serve in a more senior position in just 40 days. During this hour of mobilization, the physician will complete online courses and 18 days of practical work at the walls of the Military Medical Academy of the ZSU.

“After the completion of the investigation process, the mobilized medical workers will no longer lose their officer rank, but will have the opportunity to return to work in order to work at a more suitable position for themselves,” she explained. Intercessor of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Natalia Kalmikova.

Behind these words , the new uniform has been ordered by the commander of the ZSU Medical Forces. It is necessary for medical professionals who have not graduated from the military department and do not hold an officer rank, but who are serving in the army in various non-core positions.

The Ministry of Defense has received permission, but this time has passed 118 mobilized doctors. In this case, applications for enrollment in courses for mobile doctors are accepted by email to doz@mod.gov.ua

Earlier, RBC-Ukraine reported that in Ukraine they had received the first license to work with narcotic drugs and precursors in military minds.

“This license allows for the regulated withdrawal of necessary medical treatments for the provision of medical assistance to injured military personnel at the pre-hospital stage,” said Kalmikova.

Crime, stronger Inquiries from the Government Service, in these words, allow us to more effectively launch a new system and regulate drug use.

It seems that mobile pharmacies have begun to operate in Ukraine. One of them was launched in the Kharkiv region, so that local residents could get rid of the necessary prescriptions.

Previously, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine identified what kind of prescriptions could be obtained from 2024 births. The Department has published the list.

RBC-Ukraine also wrote about the types of bottles that may be found in every Ukrainian’s medicine cabinet.

Terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine read on RBC channel -Ukraine on Telegram.

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