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The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has transferred its procurement policy to NATO standards

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has divided the formation of the procurement policy and so on officially switched to the standards of the Eastern Atlantic Union (NATO).

This was stated by the Deputy Minister of Defense Dmitro Klimenkov during an hour of contact with the political officer of the US Embassy in Kiev Christian Moore, reports RBC-Ukraine in a post to the website of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

In the structure of the Approvals Department, the Department of Procurement Policy, which is responsible for the formulation of the procurement policy. The purchases were immediately transferred to the designated agencies – the “State Operator of the Ti” and the “Defense Procurement Agency”.

Dmytro Klimenkov said that the Ministry of Defense is working on this in order to bring mutual relations from Pivn closer. Atlantic Alliance in food procurement organization, budgetary process, integrity and institutions.

“Competition with NATO countries provides a unique opportunity to obtain advanced military evidence and integrate it into our military defense system. We strive to improve the standards and improve the qualifications of our military services iv, as well as to the increase in the defense efforts of the country,” said the Intercessor of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine.< /p> Ukraine's approach to NATO standards

For example, the fall of leaves in 2023 in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Armed Forces has caused even lower NATO standards. Among the updates of doctrines, the concept of “renewed and space operations” will emerge.

On the 19th of today in Paris, representatives of the Ministries of Defense of Ukraine and France signed a technical agreement on the mutual acceptance of a sovereign guarantee of security. goods, labor and services for defense purposes. It is necessary to allow changes in the financial expenditures of the Ministry of Education and Science for the purchase of goods, labor and defense services.

The Verkhovna Rada will soon create a committee to discuss the adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to standards NATO.

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